I’ve always wanted to take a really long walk

For at least a decade, maybe much longer, I’ve been fascinated with marathons.  Even in high school, long distance running appealed to me.  I never tried out for track and field sports.  I was busy with gymnastics for much of my childhood, and by adolescence I was burnt out on sports in general.  And busy with things that might not have served me as well as sports might have, but they got me where I am today so no regrets worth spending time on.

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201: Learning experiences

(A bug’s eye view of the tiny white flowers dotting our lawn.)

M and I have been talking about taking a walking tour vacation.  Someday.  We’ve done a little research and thought about different places.  Places we’ve considered include (but are not limited to) the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in the U.K., and Nova Scotia in Canada.  (Note:  I’ve provided links to give you an idea of what I’m going on about, not as a recommendation for any particular tour.  I googled, these came up, and I picked them as examples.  We haven’t gone so far as to pick a touring company.)

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