Sun bathing

Sun bathing

We’re in charge of our photo adventures.  Adventure means taking a different path.  It can mean getting down on the ground for a really low angle shot, or photographing not the entire flower but a backlit petal.

~ Eddie Soloway

Today’s Capture Your 365 Challenge is Backlit.  I had a little struggle with this one as it’s not something I do very often.  That was one of the reasons I decided to take on some of the prompts.  For the challenge (and the fun of the challenge).

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Magical Monday

Misty sunrise

When we are alone on a starlit night, when by chance we see the migrating birds in autumn descending on a grove of junipers to rest and eat; when we see children in a moment when they are really children, when we know love in our hearts; or when, like the Japanese poet, Basho, we hear an old frog land in a quiet pond with a solitary splash — at such times the awakening, the turning inside out of all values, the “newness,” the emptiness and the purity of vision that make themselves evident, all these provide a glimpse of the cosmic dance.

~ Thomas Merton

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Waiting for the beekeepers

The opposite of talking isn’t listening.  The opposite of talking is waiting.

~ Fran Lebowitz

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is Waiting.  Now that my computer is working again (thank you, M the Younger!), I was able to go to my archives for a few photos to fit the theme.

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