Here be dragons

The hot, sunny weather has the dragonflies and damselflies dancing, skimming, hovering, and winging their way around the pond.  I went out on Wednesday afternoon to see what I could capture.  Dragonflies (and damselflies) are cold blooded creatures and as a result, they seek the sunny, warm spots.  A hot, sunny day is guaranteed to bring me a decent shot or two of the dragonflies.

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One of many paths on the journey

This week’s photo challenge (brought to you by The Daily Post at WordPress) is Journey.  To me, life is a journey.  Every morning when I wake up, a new journey begins.  Every time I step outside the door a new journey awaits because, as Heraclitus (quoted by Plato) once said:

You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.

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Amish Country

Frosty morning

Saturday morning was cold and frosty here in the Bogs.  The overnight temperature had dipped down into the 20s, and the flowers drooped and dipped with it.  Fortunately, the day was sunny and warmed up quickly.  The flowers bounced back, and M and I had great weather for a bike ride and a visit to Holmes County, also known as Amish Country, Ohio.

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The Sugar House

Ducking under a low hanging branch

To get to the Sugar House, the Maple Museum, and the Pancake House, we will have to continue through the woods a little bit further.  There are easier ways to get there if you don’t want to hike through the woods, but what fun would that be?

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334: I felt the earth move

I was sitting here writing up my blog post for today (not this post, by the way), when I felt the ground, the house, the world, sway.  It was a gentle back and forth motion.  I would have thought I’d imagined it except for the cats who were clearly disturbed by whatever phenomenon had just occurred.  Less than a minute or so later, I felt it again.  I looked outside, thinking perhaps the wind had rocked the house.  However, it didn’t feel like the wind.  Whatever it was had originated from below (and I was in the basement at the time).

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331: Hazy, not so lazy, days of summer

We started the day here in the Bogs with some thick, soupy fog.  I could not see the pond at all for a little while.

Rowboat and lake rake shrouded in fog

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262: Sunday signage (and more)

(Sign seen somewhere on a back road somewhere in Ohio on our way home this afternoon.)

Well, I’ve never had a straw berry but if they are as good as strawberries, perhaps we should have stopped at Straw Berrie’s to check them out.

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