Wishing you…

Somewhere in Pennsylvania. October 2012.

By the time this scheduled post goes out, I will be somewhere in Pennsylvania, heading east towards New Jersey to spend Thanksgiving Day with family.  The house-sitter should be all settled in, ready to enjoy a few days by the pond and with the kitties.  She’s going to have some nice weather.  It should be nice back east too.

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Thursday Travels: The Dunes of Greenwich

Last week we left off near the dunes in Greenwich.  As I mentioned, the dunes are parabolic dunes.  They move.  Strong, unidirectional winds cause the dunes to migrate.

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Some flowers on a hot day

Today seems like a good day to take a short walk  back through time and to the Cleveland Botanical Garden.  I still have quite a few orchid photos left from Orchid Mania that I need to sort through, and I started to do just that prior to going off on our Canadian adventures.  I found this post tucked away, waiting for me to do something with it.

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Scenes along the way

Allegheny River & Samuel Justus Trails. Not too far from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I know.  I promised us all a break.  It’s coming.  Soon.  I have this fabulous internet connection for the next few days so I thought I’d take advantage of it.

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In transit

On the Pennsylvania Turnpike at the beginning of our trip.

I do a lot of shooting out the windows during our car trips.  It helps me occupy the time when I am tired of, or don’t feel like, reading.  M does the driving as it’s not something I like to do.  I will drive if I must.  I just don’t like it.  Most of the drive-by shootings I take end up deleted.  But every now and then I get what I consider an interesting shot.

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Sad news


I’ve been putting off this post, not wanting to mix the POST visit with some sad family news.

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223: Flown the coop

We should be in New Jersey by the time this posts.  Hopefully it was an uneventful trip through the mountains and farmlands of Pennsylvania, and we’ve been having a great time at my sister’s house, visiting with her family and my father.

Any successful journey begins by packing your luggage full of imagination.

~ Kathrine Palmer Peterson

And now…

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