Space and time

Sunlight on ice

Galaxies in a small block of ice on the pond

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost December.  This year seemed to fly by.  Is time faster than the speed of light?  (I suppose if time was faster we’d be able to time travel.)  Sometimes it feels that way — much too fast.

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Sunday signage

Sign on the restroom/washroom building by the Towpath Trail.

I’ve never before seen a sign warning about the dangers of using the loo.  I’d hate to be in there when that alarm goes off.

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How sweet it is

Attending the Orchid Mania exhibit at the Cleveland Botanical Garden usually means leaving the cold, snowy, black and white world of winter and stepping into the colorful, warm and humid tropical world of orchids.  The colors and scents are a feast for the eyes and the soul after the stark, almost colorless, almost scentless days of January and February.  This year there was less of a contrast between the sunny, bright outdoors, and the vibrant, showy orchid exhibit.  I’m not sure why I felt that way.  I know I’m not the only one who did and/or commented on it.  Perhaps because winter has been so mild.

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Down the muskrat hole

The barn in the early morning

There is a danger to walking around the pond once the ground has been carpeted with leaves, especially at the back of the pond where the muskrats have excavated parts of the dam to make a home for themselves.

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