99: Still playing

Still off somewhere playing and meeting up with friends.  If this auto-posts, it means I don’t have internet access.  Rest assured that I am meeting my commitment to get outside.

The above photo was taken in Mission Beach, California back in November.  As much as I’d like to be on a warm, sunny beach, that’s not where I’m at this time around.  It wouldn’t be fair of me to ask you to guess where I am since I haven’t given you any clues.  No worries.  I really will tell you all about it.  Tomorrow, maybe.

Speaking of tomorrow, I will be moving into the triple digits with my commitment tomorrow.  100 days.  Wow!

97: Frigid

(Today’s view of the pond.)

I had to go outside in ten minute increments today.  It was bright and sunny, but painfully cold.  The wind seems to cut right through the layers of clothing and skin and go right to the bone.


(Tracks on the pond.)

I think this might be the first day this month that we haven’t had so much as a flurry.  From the looks of things we may not get any more snow this week.  There is, however, rain in the forecast for Friday and Saturday.  That will likely make a big mess of things once the temperature drops again and everything freezes.

Well, this is a dull post.  How about a visit to the beach just to warm us up a little?

We can take a walk at sunset.

All you have to decide is which way to go…

53: Sunday Signage San Diego Style

(The obligatory surfing shot from this morning.)

I spent a little time on Crystal Pier watching the surfers this morning.  Looks like the waves were pretty good, but what do I know?  I go by how many people are out there.  The water was looking a little crowded in spots today.

Since it’s Sunday, I thought I’d bring you a few signs from my walks and adventures in Mission Beach and Pacific Beach.

Yesterday M and I finally (yay!) saw the famous Green Flash at sunset.  I have to agree with M when he said it was more like a green squiggle.  Unfortunately, my attempt to photograph it was a big FAIL.  That’s okay.  At least we got to see it.  I enjoyed the feeling of camaraderie on the beach, too, when everyone cheered at the flash.  It reminded me of watching the sunset on Key West, a ritual that draws quite a crowd each evening.

(What happens if you fall while skiing?  Do you obey the sign and let yourself sink?)

This morning we were up early to go to Ski Beach to attend the San Diego Fall Rowing Classic.  Because we’re weird that way.  Any other couple would probably be doing the touristy stuff.  Not us.  Nope.  We go to Portuguese parades and rowing competitions and pipe organ concerts in the park.  (Actually, I think we’re going to miss the pipe organ concert because M probably won’t be able to fit it in this afternoon.)

(Refereeing the rowers and recreational boaters.)

To be honest, I like that we do this sort of thing.  It’s the first time I’ve seen a rowing competition.  Rowing looks like fun.  And hard work.

(Rowing, with the city of San Diego in the background.)

I’m just back from a long walk.  I need all the exercise I can get.  We have been eating a lot of good food, most of it of the healthful variety but still a goodly amount of calories.  I need to burn some of them off before we eat out again tonight.

(A good thing to do before stepping out into traffic.)

After lunch I’m off for another walk and then an hour or two of sitting on the beach, relaxing, maybe reading a page or two of the book I’ll carry with me.

(A view from Ski Beach this morning.)

(Graffiti on Joe’s Crab Shack.)

I’m not sure what the rest of the day holds in store.  Depends on what M wants to do.  The only plan I know of is to sit on the beach and watch the sunset.

(Volleyball net post.)

For those inquiring minds that want to know, a little trivia about today’s weather, tides, and Mission Beach:

  • It is sunny with a few high, thin clouds that seem to be burning off.  Today’s high is expected to be around 74 degrees.  It’s not nearly as windy as it has been the past few days, making it seem much warmer.
  • Low tide was at 10:23am.  (Next low tide is at 11:53pm.)  High tide will occur at 5:04pm.
  • Water temperature is 60-63 degrees (F).
  • Surf is 2-3 feet high.
  • Sunrise was at 6:18am.  Sunset will occur at 4:48pm.
  • The community of Mission Beach is built on a sandbar between Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean.  It is part of the city of San Diego.