Flower dreams

Blossoms on High Street in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  (April 2007)

Blossoms on High Street in West Chester, Pennsylvania. (April 2007)

In my dreams, I never have an age.

~ Madeleine L’Engle

Last night (well, really it was early this morning) I had a dream that was filled with flowers.  Someone was teaching me to identify wildflowers by their leaves, their blossoms, and their stems.  Wouldn’t it be nice to learn through dreaming and wake up with a head full of knowledge you didn’t have when you went to sleep?

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this world
bristles with thorns…
yet there are lotuses

~Issa, 1815

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Shenks Ferry Wildflower Preserve. Pennsylvania. May 2011.

This is the time of year when retrospectives start showing up everywhere, from blogs to television’s network news programs.  Since it is a dark, dreary, rainy day here in the Bogs — not suitable for picture taking — I thought I’d pull out some of my favorite photos and scenes from the past year.  Some have been posted here on Ye Olde Blogg.  Some never made it, usually because I had so much going on that I didn’t have time to sort through everything.

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How about a little color?

Yesterday’s photos seemed a little bleak so I thought I’d bring you some color to help brighten up your Sunday.  The photos in this grouping are all from my last trip to Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania back in May.

As with yesterday’s gallery of photos, click on any of them to start the Photo Carousel.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope your Sunday has been filled with color and magic.  🙂

240: Cleaning machine

(Pergola in the wisteria garden at Longwood Gardens.)

My Spring Cleaning Project may well be the longest spring cleaning in the history of spring cleaning.  In my own defense, I’ve been keeping fairly busy with other things (proofreading, traveling, blogging, going on daily outdoor adventures, etc.).  Also, I declared 2011 to be The Year of De-Cluttering.  I have been sorting, sifting, and making decisions about Stuff.  Lots and lots of Stuff.  Sorting, sifting, and making decisions about Stuff often takes time.

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237: A brief appearance

The sun, something I wasn’t sure existed anymore, made some brief appearances for a few hours today as the fog lifted and clouds drifted in and out.  It not only brightened the world for a little while, it lifted my spirits.

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235: Seeing red

(The red bag.  In the artist’s studio.)

The true color of life is the color of the body, the color of the covered red, the implicit and not explicit red of the living heart and the pulses.  It is the modest color of the unpublished blood.

~ Alice Meynell

The WP Weekly Photo Challenge is:  Red.  I have had fun with red in the past, way back in 2007 when I posted Red in my color series at Bountiful Healing.  I can’t believe it’s been that long, to be honest.  While it doesn’t seem like yesterday, it also doesn’t feel like it was four years ago.  Yikes.

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