The Year of Sunsets

(Walking down the garden path.  Cleveland Botanical Garden.)

I think 2010 is going to be the year of sunsets for me.  Almost every evening the sun puts on a good show of light and colors.  “Almost” because sometimes the clouds that work with the sun in bringing us the remarkable sunsets are too thick and/or it is flat out raining.  This is also the year of big rains.

Yesterday the clouds scattered and we got to see some blue sky.  It was one of my favorite kind of days for taking pictures.

You can tell I really don’t have anything to write about today.  I’m rambling on about the weather.

We’re into the orange season of the year now (when the daylillies and other orange flowers bloom).  Daylillies are almost like weeds around here, growing in ditches along the back country roads.  It’s beautiful.

A friend suggested that we name the toad living in the toad house in the flower bed.  We have agreed that Mr. Belvedere is a good name for him.  I went out to see how he felt about it but he wasn’t home.

He must have been out and about enjoying the day too.   Or maybe he was scouting out a good location to watch the sunset.

A cup of tea and tiger lillies

The sun is shining today and it’s time for me to get back outside to the garden for a little while.  I also have plenty to keep me busy around the house.

It’s time for a little blog break.  A few days ought to do it.  We all need a little vacation every now and then.  Even from blogging.

So, take a break.  Have a cup of tea.  Relax.  Step outside and see what’s blooming.  And I’ll see you in a few days.