I’ve been spending a little of my computer time lately playing Human-Age.  That might account for the lack of blog entries lately (and in the future).

The game is described as a virtual simulation.  Here is the description of the game from the Human-Age FAQ:

The aim of the game is to make your character evolve throughout the ages of mankind. To do so, you must take care of him or her, and earn money so he or she can gain capabilities, and build a nice house. To get you started, you get 200 kneecaps, which is the currency for the first level. With the cash in your pocket, you can hunt, work or bet with other players to earn more money, and buy luxury items.

So far it doesn’t take up much time.  I just started playing this past weekend so I can’t say whether or not it will get more involved.  It should be noted that I have an interest in posting about the game.  I’ll earn 40 kneecaps (and boy, could I use them).

I have my friend the English Nutter to thank for this newest internet addiction.  Addiction may be too strong a word, at least for now.

Hop on over and join if you have a few spare moments of time.  You’ll find me with The Frozen Feet clan.  Pretty appropriate given the weather we’re experiencing here in the Bogs.  Bitterly cold (and about to get colder) with more snow in the forecast today.