The quiet wonders

December 2012 039a

Remember the quiet wonders.  The world has more need of them than it has for warriors.

~ Charles de Lint, Moonheart

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The wonders of winter

December 2012 019a

You probably don’t have to be a long-time visitor to Life in the Bogs to know winter is my favorite season.  I love it, most especially when there is snow.  Snow is necessary for a proper, enjoyable winter.  I’ve lived in places where they have rainy, dreary winters, and that’s no fun at all.  If gray, wet days are what you experience during the winter months, I can understand not loving the season.

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Busy playing in the snow

This morning by the pond

This morning by the pond

We’re getting more snow today.  Yay!  It is incredibly beautiful.  I wish you could be here to see it.

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I lied (and goose tales)

Unwelcome visitors. Except, sometimes I enjoy it when they visit. Then I remember that too many geese spoil the pond.

Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable.  Be honest and transparent anyway.

~ Mother Teresa

Note:  There is a story within a story here.  It might be less confusing to follow one or the other.  The images and captions or the text outside of the images.  Then go back and pick up the rest.  Or not.  Maybe it’s just confusing to me.

I am here to ‘fess up.  Yesterday evening, I lied.  I didn’t say anything that was an untruth.  My prevarication wasn’t done in writing.  I lied by intentionally pressing the wrong button.

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Sunday smorgasbord

There is no spoon* (Leaves and reflections on the pond. Edited in Pixlr.)

The wise man does not seek enlightenment, he waits for it.  So while I was waiting, it occurred to me that seeking perplexity might be more fun. . . After all, enlightenment begins where perplexity ends.

~ Terry Pratchett

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The grove of maples

Trees are different.  From the moment it sprouts until the day it dies, a tree stays fixed in the same spot.  Its roots are nearer than anything else to the heart of the earth, and its crown is nearer to the sky.  Sap courses through it from top to bottom, from bottom to top.  It expands and contracts according to daylight.  It waits for rain, it waits for sun, it waits for one season and then another, it waits for death.  Not one of the things that enable it to live depends on its will.  It exists and that’s all.  Now do you know why trees are so good to stroke?  Because they stand so staunchly, because their breathing is so slow and so serene and so very deep.

~ Susanna Tamaro

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Thursday Travels: Laverty Lake

I’ve had a very full day today so this will be a relatively short post.

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