The blacksmith’s

(165:  A hot job.)

I took this photo of one of the student volunteers having fun as a blacksmith.  Although it looks a little cluttered and disorganized, they seem to know what they’re doing.

It’s a gray and chilly day here in the Bogs with a slight chance of snow in the forecast tonight.  A good day to be standing next to a fire somewhere.


Here it is.  Snow!

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(Today’s view of the pond.)

All aboard

(163:  All aboard!)

Home again, home again.  I had a most enjoyable weekend with my granddaughters and their parents, but it’s still good to be home.

(Nelsonville Train Depot)

On Saturday we met Emma, Maddy, and their parents at the depot of the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway to take a ride on their noon train to Haydenville.  Emma likes trains so we thought it would be a fun ride for her.  It was perfect for a 4-year-old in that it wasn’t a long ride and we were able to get off and spend a little time at Robbins Crossing, an 1840’s era Ohio village staffed with volunteers who dress in period costumes and take on some of the jobs of that era (such as blacksmithing).

(Inside one of the train cars.)

The weather wasn’t terribly cooperative.  The three-hour drive from our home to Nelsonville was through some pretty heavy rain.  Fortunately, it had mostly stopped by the time we arrived in Nelsonville.  It stayed cloudy, with the occasional sprinkle, for most of the day, but the sun did make an appearance later in the afternoon, when we took a short hike to Ash Cave to see the cave and the waterfall.  In the case of the waterfall, the rain was a good thing.  I’ll be posting some photos of the waterfall and cave in future posts.

It was a fun day.  Emma certainly seemed to enjoy it.  I’m making plans to go back to the Hocking Hills area again in the spring.  We’ll rent a cabin and invite Emma, Maddy, and their parents to spend the weekend with us.  It has been a while since we hiked around that area and I’m looking forward to exploring it some more as well as spending more time with our family.