54: Beach or mountains?

(Rowing in Mission Bay.  Mountains in the background.)

Today as I was out walking on the beach I got to wondering if I am a beach person or a mountain person.  There was a time when I knew, without hesitation, that I was a beach person.  But having lived in West Virginia and taken two trips to Colorado, I have found that I love the mountains almost as much as the beach.

(Surfing at sunset.)

Apples and oranges, true.  Contrasting is easy but comparing the two is difficult.  One thing both Colorado (at least the parts we’ve visited) and the So Cal beach scene have in common is a relaxed, laid-back attitude towards life, the universe, and everything.

(Saturday’s sunset.)

The answer, of course, is that California offers the best of both worlds:  the beach and the mountains.  It’s too bad it’s so expensive to live here.

(There is a surfer under this wave somewhere…)

The other thing that cropped up in my musings is that I am gaining a greater appreciation for where I live, both through travel and through my daily outdoor commitment.  While I am reveling in the sun and surf, I am pretty sure I would miss the clear-cut change of seasons, the autumn colors, and the snow.  Yes, I really wrote that.  When I start complaining about the snow in January, please refer me back to this post.

(Paddle boarding on the bay.)

Perhaps I am an almost-anywhere person.  I am not, I’m sure, an anywhere and everywhere person.  M and I have lived in places that I just didn’t like and never came to feel at home in.  The southern U.S. comes immediately to mind.  Once upon a time, many years ago, we lived in South Carolina.  We also spent some time in Georgia.

(Serenading Mother Ocean.)

Both southern states have a certain charm and beauty about them, but they weren’t for me.  Too hot and too humid during the summer months.  Too… Old South in some regards.  The people are friendly beyond belief, but it’s a surface friendly.  Those who have moved from North to South know what I mean.  I find it difficult to explain to those who haven’t experienced it so let’s leave it at that for now.

We went to La Jolla yesterday to watch the sunset.  The sea was wild and wonderful, crashing on the rocks.  The wind and waves were whipping just prior to sundown, calm after the sun disappeared below the horizon.

(Harbor seal at sunset at the Children’s Pool in La Jolla)

There were seals “hauling out” while we were there.  I didn’t see them at first, they blend in so well with their surroundings.  Apparently there is a big controversy going on regarding the Children’s Pool Beach and the seals.

(Protest beach scene.)

There are some who want the beach closed to people, leaving it to the sea lions and seals.  There are others who believe people can share the beach with the seals and sea lions.  (That is the “in a nutshell” version.)

(One side of the story.)

After sunset we went to Su Casa for dinner.  It’s one of my favorite restaurants.  The food is excellent and the wait staff are fun and friendly.  Oh, and let’s not forget the margaritas.  Best margaritas ever.  Or maybe it just seems that way after you’ve had one or two.

(Sunday’s sunset at La Jolla.)

(Sunset and waves.)