Playing with bubbles

A soul is but the last bubble of a long fermentation in the world.

~ George Santayana

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Super Tuesday

The title for today’s post might lead to some disappointment if you’re here about things of a specific political nature.  I have one brief, general thing to say about politics and then I’m moving on.

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262: Sunday signage (and more)

(Sign seen somewhere on a back road somewhere in Ohio on our way home this afternoon.)

Well, I’ve never had a straw berry but if they are as good as strawberries, perhaps we should have stopped at Straw Berrie’s to check them out.

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193: Rain and wind

Today's view of the pond

We’re having serious weather today.  Lots of rain, wind, thunder, and lightning.  Transition weather.  The high today was up around 70.  Tomorrow it will be hovering around 40.  Another cold front is moving in.

The weather suits my mood.  I’m having serious thoughts today.  I keep wishing the wind would blow through my mind and take the thoughts with it.

Serious clouds

The thoughts swirl around, and I get caught up in them.  Going out for my walk in the rain was a good distraction.  I stayed out until the lightning got too close for comfort.

So close...

It’s difficult to take photos in the rain while carrying an umbrella even when the wind is relatively calm.  It’s even more difficult when the wind is blowing about 25 mph with the occasional 40 mph gust.  I’m lucky the umbrella made it through without being turned inside out.

The willows

The storminess was good for me.  The thoughts which had been churning like the clouds above me finally moved on once I realized I was not going to resolve anything by dwelling in them.

I did have some fun for a little while this afternoon playing with photos of my granddaughters.  I don’t usually post photos of them, not the sort that would be too recognizable (especially of Emma, the oldest), so it was interesting to see what I could do with the photos.

Tiny dancer


Got giggles?

I had such a great time with my granddaughters this weekend.  I hope we get to see them again soon.  I’d really like to be able to spend more time with them.

Well, this is a scattered, disjointed kind of post.  Perhaps I can do better tomorrow.  🙂