92: Early Christmas

(First clue.)

It’s an exiting day here at Breezy Acres.  M and I decided to give ourselves an early Christmas present.  The photo above is your first clue.

(This ought to give it away.)

(If that didn’t, this will.)

After giving it much thought (and much savings), we took ourselves to a local (independently owned) ski shop and invested in cross-country skis.  Yay!!

M had to go back to work immediately after we made our big purchase so neither of us have tried out our new skis just yet.  That will be my outdoor time today.  As soon as he gets home, we’ll be trying them out in the future-woods as that seems the best trail for us (newbies!).  We have gone cross-country skiing a few times in the past, renting the skis and boots at a local park.  The great thing about owning skis is now we can go whenever we feel like it.  The rentals at the park are available on weekends only.  Sometimes the snow falls during the week and is gone by the weekend.  We won’t have to worry about that now.

I’ll be back tomorrow to let you know how it went.  Hopefully we’ll have lots of fun and no injuries.