In the garden

When you’re cooking with food as alive as this — these gorgeous and semigorgeous fruits and leaves and flesh — you’re in no danger of mistaking it for a commodity, or a fuel, or a collection of chemical nutrients.  No, in the eye of the cook or the gardener… this food reveals itself for what it is:  no mere thing but a web of relationships among a great many living beings, some of them human, some not, but each of them dependent on each other, and all of them ultimately rooted in soil and nourished by sunlight.

~ Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food:  An Eater’s Manifesto

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The last dragonfly

Green dragonfly

I cannot say for sure that this is the last dragonfly of the season, but I suspect we won’t see too many more of them.  This is the first one I’ve seen in a couple of weeks.  Dragonflies are cold blooded and probably didn’t care much for the gray, cooler weather we had before this wonderful warm-up.

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300: Hot and steamy

Hot air balloon landing near the pond. Taken with a steamed up lens.

If you’re looking for an exciting, exotic, erotic, hot blog post, this is not it.  (I do have a dragonfly photo that might qualify, but won’t be posting it today.  I caught ’em in the act, so to speak.)  The title refers to the weather we’re currently experiencing.  It’s only about 90 degrees today.  Tomorrow we’re under an excessive heat advisory.  Personally, I find the heat to be excessive today.  Tomorrow I’ll probably think this was cool in comparison.

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239: Spring has returned

(On the hike & bike trail.)

It’s here!  Spring!  Everyone around here is doing a happy dance.  The rain stopped, the sun came out, and the temperature made it up to about 70 degrees today.  How exciting is that?  It was so nice that I was able to take my bike out for another ride.  That’s a grand total of 2 rides since M and I bought our bikes.

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204: Running out of words

It’s pretty amazing how quickly and efficiently life reasserts itself when it’s time for it to do so in the spring.  Plants and trees that barely had buds on them yesterday have leaves and in some cases, flowers today.

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Window-washing storm

We had quite a storm move through yesterday evening. It didn’t last long, but did wreak a little havoc while it was here.

This is why I don’t usually have to get on a ladder to wash the windows at the back of the house:

I didn’t grab my camera in time to get the exciting part. The storm blew in so quickly that I missed capturing the tent being torn from its stakes and thrown up against the windows and back of the house. It hit so hard I was afraid it would break the windows. Thankfully, it didn’t.

(The tent after the storm. © Robin. 2008.)

Poor tent. We’ve had it a few years and it was getting more than a little rough around the edges.  M couldn’t even find parts for it anymore when it needed repaired or a piece went missing.  We used the tent for our Party By the Pond. We would leave it up for the rest of the summer as it provided us with shelter from the mosquitoes and deerflies and shade from the sun.

The motion detector sensors and the light were torn down when the tent hit the back of the house.  Our homeowners insurance deductible is so high that there’s no point in filing a claim.

We’re having a screen porch built out back in a few weeks time. That will make an excellent replacement for the tent.  Once the porch is built, M and I will be building a deck to go with it.

The cold rain caused some fog to form over the warm water of the pond. Everything was wet, shiny, and green after the storm.

I had just started to cook dinner when the storm hit. (See how I worked food into this post?) Otherwise I would have gotten the clothes off the clothesline. I’ll have to rewash and hang them out again today. They were so heavy with rain water that they’d have been stretched beyond all recognition if I’d left them out overnight to dry today.

I’m going to out to the garden today to see what the storm did to the vegetables. Hopefully they enjoyed the rain without much damage from the wind or hail.


There it is. The yummy salad I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

One of the things I forgot to mention is that the herbs in the salad and the dressing also came from my garden. I added fresh basil to the salad, and fresh oregano and pineapple mint to the dressing.

No time to do much more than a quick post. I’ve got a busy day ahead of me so I’d better get to it.