The spring migration has commenced

I see the moon and the moon sees me
Down through the leaves of the old oak tree
Please let the light that shines on me
Shine on the one I love

~ Nursery rhyme

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I took this photo at the Akron Zoo during a visit with my granddaughters.  As long-time visitors to Life in the Bogs may or may not recall, I am a fan of the flamingo.  I like all birds, but the flamingo is one of my favorites.  (If one were to do a search of my blog for flamingo, one would like find a couple of posts about them.)

See how the sacred old flamingoes come,
Painting with shadow all the marble steps:
Aged and wise, they seek their wonted perches,
Within the temple, devious walking, made
To wander by their melancholy minds.

~ William Butler Yeats

I’m taking the day off from blogging today.  Just because.  I’ll be back live and in person tomorrow.  Maybe.  😀


I had some trouble with today’s post and had to re-post it.  For those of you who subscribe to my blog, that means the link you were given in the email is incorrect.  Here is the correct link:

279:  Karma’s June Photo Hunt

Sorry about that!  For your trouble, you get a bonus photo of the colorful bird I picked for the photo hunt.  Thrilling, eh?  😉

279: Karma’s June Photo Hunt

A colorful bird of my choice

First off, my apologies to Karma for being late to the June Photo Hunt.  And my thanks for extending the deadline and giving me a little more time to participate.  Some of the photos will be new.  Some are from the archives.  I had to do a mix of both to come up with almost everything on the list.

One of the pond flamingos in the winter

The colorful bird is a Pink Flamingo from the Akron Zoo.  I have a history with pink flamingos and could have taken some photos of the pink flamingos that stand guard by the pond, but lucked into this zoo visit just in the nick of time.

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