284: Settling in for a bit

Waves on the pond

Home again, home again.  It’s good to be back in the Bogs.  I am, as usual, way behind when it comes to email and visiting other blogs.  My apologies for that.  I very much appreciate all of the lovely thoughts, prayers, energy, words, and hugs on my previous few posts.  Thank you all so much.

While the reason for the trip was a sad one, it was good to spend some time with family, especially those we haven’t seen in a long time.  We said our goodbyes to Jane on Friday morning.  It was a small, casual service with mostly family.  Although we’ll continue to mourn, funerals have a way of releasing some of that tension and sadness.  I suppose it’s a form of closure.

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More pyrotechnics

(068:  Fire flower.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

We are all visionaries, and what we see is our soul in things.  ~ Henri Amiel

I’m still enjoying the fireworks

(059:  Boom!  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

But I’m not having much fun coming up with titles for the photos.

A little blog business:  I’m finished moving my blogroll over.  If you were on the BH blogroll and don’t see your blog here at the Bogs blog, let me know and I’ll fix that.  I’ve closed BH for good, although I couldn’t bring myself to delete it.  If you still have the link to BH on your blogroll I’d appreciate it if you would remove it and/or changed it over to Life in the Bogs.  Thank you.  🙂

I tweaked today’s photo in Photoshop.  Here is the not-as-tweaked version that includes the smoke (and is cropped a little closer to the fireworks):

I happen to like both of them, but the second one has… well… I can’t tell you.  Then you’ll see it simply because I told you about it.  I’d rather wait and see if any one notices what I noticed.

I had a great day yesterday.  There is no particular reason why.  I felt great.  No aches, no pains, no tummy troubles, no grumpies or grouchies or ouchies of any kind.  It was one of those days I experienced from a sense of joy.  Those kind of days don’t happen often.  I think it’s a good idea to acknowledge them in some way.

Time for me to go enjoy my Saturday.  I hope you enjoy yours, too.

Fireworks in bloom

(057:  Fireworks in bloom.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

Flowers in the sky (III)

(055:  4th of July fireworks.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

We cannot live only for ourselves.  A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men and women; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.

~ Herman Melville


(052:  Rain of fire.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

Love in its essence is spiritual fire.

~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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