Greetings from Boulder!


After an uneventful flight (for which I am profoundly grateful), we arrived at Denver International Airport (DIA) around 7:15 yesterday morning.  M the Younger picked us up and we went to Denver for a few hours since we were going to have to come back to the airport to pick up M the Elder’s sister who arrived 5 hours after us.

Green onions

Having had some time to check things our using the Wi-Fi at the airport, we decided to go to the Cherry Creek shopping district, mainly to check out their farmers market since I volunteered to cook dinner for us that night at M the Younger’s place.

Biscuit Bus

It is a lively market with plenty of people looking for fresh foods.  It was similar to the farmers market held in Boulder, somewhat expensive and mostly organics.  They also have a variety of other booths and tents, from freshly made tamales to wine and artwork.  We left with three bags full of stuff including some of those freshly made tamales to have with our dinner.  (They were delicious!)

We stopped at the Biscuit Bus for a little mid-morning snack.  We had eaten breakfast around 3:00am so it felt more like lunch (or dinner) to us.  The biscuits were yummy.  I sampled some of M the Younger’s grape jelly and bacon biscuit.  It was a peppered bacon which gave it the triple combination of tastes:  sweet, spicy, and salty.

Roasting chilies

After watching the guy above roasting a barrel full of chilies, the enticing aroma drifting through the area, we decided we must have some and bought a bag of ’em to have with those tamales.  With the temperature in the 90s, this poor guy was really sweating it out in his work.

We still had plenty of time before going back to the airport so we took M the Younger, who has been unemployed for a long time, shopping for some much-needed items.  His lovely wife is back in Ohio right now, visiting with her family, so we’ll take her out when she comes back this week.  The good news about M the Younger’s unemployment status is that he finally started work again this past Thursday.  Yay!!

Long's Peak

We eventually made our way back to the airport, picked up M the Elder’s sister, and headed to Boulder to check in to our hotel where we all took much-needed naps.  M the Younger picked us up for dinner which we prepared and ate at his place.  M the Younger and Merdi have a lovely new apartment outside of Boulder.

Today M and I will be renting bikes and (re-)exploring the Boulder bike paths.  C (M the Elder’s sis) will be going on a mountain bike ride with M the Younger since she is the experienced cyclist in the family.  We’ll join up with them later in the day.  It’s possible we’ll fit in a hike somewhere nearby but that depends on the weather.

It is quite warm here (in the 90s yesterday and expected to be the same today) but it is, as they say, a dry heat that isn’t nearly as oppressive as the humid weather we get in the Bogs.  It is also sunny with some lovely clouds rolling in and out.  Storms are expected in the late afternoon which is typical for this time of year.

Flatirons and clouds

The photos are (and will be) straight out of the camera as I haven’t the time or means to edit them.  I am uploading to Photobucket which I hope won’t cause any problems with viewing.  Please pardon any typos.  I’m having to do this on the fly, so to speak, with little time to proof and edit.

Pretty Pickles

Green, which is Nature’s colour, is restful, soothing, cheerful, and health-giving.

~ Paul Brunton

As promised, here is a picture of the pickles.  Aren’t they beautiful?  I think so.  We opened a jar of them yesterday to taste-test them and they are delicious.  Much better than store-bought pickles.

One of the arguments against local shopping is the cost.  I know because I’ve used that argument on more than one occasion.  However, I’ve come to realize that for some things, local shopping is the best way to go either in terms of quality or cost or both.

I’ve purchased many a cheap item from one of the big box stores (that I often refer to as the Evil Empire) and had to replace it not long after buying it.  That’s hardly a good way to save money.  It also equals one more thing (or several more things) taking up space in a landfill.  I’ve learned the hard way that sometimes it is best to spend the money up front for a quality item rather than save money now only to have to spend more later.

This time of year is the best time for buying fresh food and putting some away for the winter months.  I’ve heard it said that eating a healthful diet is costly.  Compared to buying a couple of burgers from a 99 cent menu, I suppose it is.  Compared to what you’ll have to spend later on health insurance, maybe not.

When you buy locally grown produce, you also reduce your carbon footprint.  The food doesn’t need to travel nearly as far so what you get is fresher and generally more nutritious.  You can get some great deals at a local farmers market or through a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  This also helps support your local economy and local farmers.

(At the Hartville Market)

August 1 – 7 is National Farmers Market Week here in the U.S..  Not sure where to find a local farmers market?  No problem.  Visit Local Harvest, plug in your zip code or city and state, and they’ll find one for you.  Local Harvest is a great website with all kinds of resources for you.

If you can, take the time this week to visit a local farmers market and partake in the bounty of your local harvest.  You might even want to try something new, a fruit or vegetable you’ve never tried before.  Or just stock up on something you know you like and preserve some for the winter months.  One of the things I love about canning tomatoes is opening up a jar of them in January and immediately noticing the fresh tomato-y aroma that brings back the warmth of summer.

Oh, and that 17 lbs. of broccoli I processed and stored in the freezer?  The cost was $17.00.  One dollar a pound for fresh, delicious, nutritious broccoli is not bad.  Not bad at all.

I’ll get off my soapbox now.  And as a thank you for reading, here is a pretty shot of the moon and clouds taken one morning last week:

(Morning Moon)