280: Play

Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.

~ Heraclitus

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276: Fantabulous Family Fun

Sunday Signage. Taken at the Akron Zoo.

I had a wonderful weekend.  There is nothing like spending time with my family.  Having the whole crew here (both sons, both daughters-in-law, and both granddaughters) was fantabulous.  I am grateful to all of them for taking time out of their busy lives to get together with us here at Breezy Acres.  I am mega grateful for the gift of having them all in my life.

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274: First summer weekend in June

Ready for summer fun

Having set my intentions towards enjoying the moments of summer, what better way to kick it off than spending the first official weekend of summer with family?

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233: Trips and travels

I took a quick trip to visit my granddaughters and their parents.  Did you miss me?  Bet you didn’t even realize I’d gone away.  That’s how quick it was.  M and I left yesterday afternoon and returned late this afternoon.  We drove south through torrential rain, found the land of sunshine as we got further south, then came home through torrential rain only to meet more torrential rain along the way, and got home in time for even more torrential rain because this The Bogs, where precipitation likes to fall.  You can’t say the weather isn’t interesting around here.

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88: Winter fun

(Grandpa and granddaughter.)

Today was absolutely wonderful.  We went sledding, ate too much, laughed tons, and had lots of fun with our family.  I’d tell you all about it but they’re upstairs waiting for me so we can play a game.

I hope your Sunday was a fabulous as mine.  🙂

(Snowball fight!)

Scenes from a Sunday in July

(Three generations on an early Sunday morning fishing expedition.)

(Coming in for breakfast.)

(Welcoming back the fishing crew.)

(Let’s dance.)

(Open a book.)

I had a great weekend.  A big thanks to my son, daughter-in-law, granddaughters, and husband for that.

How about you?  Did you have a great weekend too?