(Red Rock Canyon.  Colorado Springs, Colorado.)

Today’s Photo Friday challenge is Reflect.  I’m not officially entering the challenge but I do think it makes good fodder for a blog post.

(Pond reflections.  October 2008.)

There are so many different ways to capture reflections.  I could probably fill a month’s worth of blog posts with photos of reflections.  It would make a good theme for NaBloPoMo (if they haven’t already done it).

(Pond reflections II.  October 2008.)

Water is one of my favorite sources for photographing reflections.  It helps to have a nice, calm day when the water is like glass, but I’ve captured some interesting, abstract-like reflections on windy days when the water is rippling.

(An Autumn day in Pennsylvania.  October 2007)

You don’t need a big body of water such as a pond, lake, or river, either.  The puddle from an overnight rain provided reflections in Red Rock Canyon (the top photo in this series).

I have a large collection of reflections on water, windows, mirrors, and a variety of shiny surfaces (including just-washed cars).  I may make this a regular feature here at Life in the Bogs.  It would be worth exploring just for fun and to see what comes up.

Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.

~ Ernest Holmes