135: A walk in the Rockies

This is a placeholder.  A time for me to get caught up with myself, life, the universe, and everything.  But you can also think of it as a break from winter.  A chance to get away, and go back to August of 2010.

Walk along the path, surrounded by mountains.  The sun is warm.  The air is fresh and clean, being carried in by a steady breeze.  The grasses are dotted with spots of color, wildflowers in bloom.  Up the path a ways is a bench.  Have a seat and watch as the clear, shallow, chilly waters of the Colorado River flow by, reflections of the trees and mountains rippling on top.  If you sit long enough and still enough, perhaps elk will stop by.  Mothers with their babies.  Or a lone stag with large antlers.

(Elk.  Rocky Mountain National Park.  Colorado.)

Just relax.  Enjoy the views, the scents, the sounds, the sensations, and the flowers.


Grand Lake and beyond

We had a grand time in Grand Lake.  I have three days worth of fun and adventure to tell you about but no time to do it.  I’ll have to catch up with this part of the trip when I get home (or on a rainy day during the remainder of the trip).

Rocky Mountain National Park and Trail Ridge Road are as beautiful as I remember.  There do seem to be more trees impacted by the bark beetles that have been killing off conifer trees.  A woman we gave a ride to (her truck broke down not too far from Estes Park) mentioned that they need the temperature to drop to -20 degrees for 10 hours in order for Mother Nature to stop the beetles.  It doesn’t seem likely to happen.

The first photo is of Grand Lake.  The second is a baby elk we saw in the woods near Trail Ridge Road.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to stop by and comment during my auto-posts.  Hopefully there will be more trip-related posts over the next week, time and energy permitting.

Today we’re spending the day with M the Younger and Mere in the Colorado Springs area.  I’m not sure what we’ll be doing but you can bet it will involve hiking and a lot of picture taking.