364: Misty morning

I was up and out early this morning, taking another barefoot walk through the dewy grass.  Although it is still technically summer, the autumn mists seem to have settled in as our morning greeter.

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348: Detroit. And all that jazz.

View from our hotel room. Looking almost straight down.

M and I had a great time at the Detroit Jazz Festival.  It was my first visit to Motown and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I’d like to go back and spend some time walking around and taking photos.  What little I saw of the city was engaging.  And the music at the festival?  Incredible!

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347: Path

Path somewhere in Red Rock Canyon. Colorado Springs, Colorado. August 2010.

This week’s Photo Challenge is Path.  I have a fondness for photographing pathways and portals of all kinds, making this an easy challenge for me.  Although I prefer to use new photos for challenges, I’ll have to dig into the archives for this one because M and I are in Detroit for the Detroit Jazz Festival.  This is another scheduled post.

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