292: Time consuming

Today's view of the pond

Wow.  What a difference a new computer makes.  Things move along at a much faster rate now.  Or they would if I knew what I was doing.  I’ve gone from Windows XP (which I loved) to Windows 7 (which I’m not quite even liking just yet).  I think companies such as Microsoft make changes purely for the sake of change (in other words, somebody who wants to keep their job comes up with something new to justify their continued career with the company).  I really don’t care for the way the Library is arranged on Windows 7.  That said, I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually.

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272: Getting freaky in the woods

Summer Solstice in the Woods

Yesterday evening, before the storms hit, I decided to wander back to the woods to get some Summer Solstice shots of the creek (as part of my contribution to Scott’s Assignment:  Four Seasons 2011).  I donned the appropriate clothing, including my ugly hat to keep the deer flies away, and slowly hiked to the back of the pond and down into the woods.  I got stopped along the way by a few things that caught my attention.

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(074:  Spinning in circles.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

Have you ever been bitten by a deer fly?

They are nasty little creatures.  The female deer fly feeds on blood.  She lands on a spot that you can’t reach, makes a painful little incision, and then laps up your blood.

The deer fly bite, for me, is much worse than a mosquito bite.  I get giant, painful, itchy welts and hives from them.  Therefore, I do not like the deer fly, and although I try to have compassion for all living things, when I saw the deer fly which appears in the center of  the above photo lying on its back and spinning like crazy to upright itself, I decided to let nature take its course.  If the fly figured it out, it would live.  If not, it would die.

I don’t know if the fly managed to upright itself and  live or if it died.  I left it spinning in circles.