A passion for peonies

The ants certainly feel passionate about the peonies.  I learned a long time ago to admire the peonies from outdoors because no matter how well I think I’ve knocked off the ants, there will always be a dozen or so hiding within the petals.  I prefer to keep the ants outdoors, so that is where the peonies will have to stay as well.  That’s okay.  They last longer out there.

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292: Time consuming

Today's view of the pond

Wow.  What a difference a new computer makes.  Things move along at a much faster rate now.  Or they would if I knew what I was doing.  I’ve gone from Windows XP (which I loved) to Windows 7 (which I’m not quite even liking just yet).  I think companies such as Microsoft make changes purely for the sake of change (in other words, somebody who wants to keep their job comes up with something new to justify their continued career with the company).  I really don’t care for the way the Library is arranged on Windows 7.  That said, I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually.

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285: Summer seduction

A hazy summer day, somewhere in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Sultry, steaming, sweltering … Slow down.  Or stop.  It’s time to shed ambition and expectation, along with commutes, clothing, cellular phones, calendars.  Now our wants seem to diminish.  Is it because our needs are met?  A shady nook, a cold drink, a cool breeze — whether indoors or out.  A respite from the rigors of the day.  Time off for good behavior.  Summer is not so much a season as a melody, that tune of contentment we hum as the days begin to beautifully blur.

~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

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269: Wings and things

Sunday Signage

I like the idea of something being consistently good, especially fruits and vegetables.  You really can’t ask for more than that from a business.  I took this photo when we were in Canton for the Blues Festival.

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251: Pulchritude

(Dragonfly and pond lights)

Pulchritude has to be one of the oddest words for beauty I have ever seen or heard.  There are so many other words that I think say it better, and I often wonder if anyone ever uses the word pulchritude and if so, what would be the occasion for using it?  It’s all a matter of perception, I suppose.  There are some out there who probably adore the word pulchritude.  Beauty is, they say, in the eye of the beholder.

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D is also for…

Damselflies and…


And for the divine warm weather days that are their season.