345: Up

Up at the county fair

Last week’s The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge was Up.  I’m a little late to the party, but I’m hoping it will be considered fashionably late and my tardiness will be excused.

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339: Bouquets

Colors of late August. From Maddy's bouquet of flowers.

It was another lovely weekend filled with family and fun.  The house is quiet now, something the cats are appreciating.  Both are napping and will likely sleep for the next 24 hours.  They tend to be jumpy when little girls and dogs come to visit, and get very little sleep.  It’s nice to see them settled down again.

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More faces from the county fair

Another day.  Another batch of tomatoes sitting in a boiling water bath while I wait for them to finish processing.  I hope today’s canning adventures are successful.  I had a little trouble yesterday.  As the jars of tomatoes were processing, they were leaking.  The jars didn’t seal so I dumped them all out into a bowl and decided to start over.

I would take photos of all those beautiful red tomatoes but — would you believe it?  —  I still haven’t uploaded and looked at all of the Colorado pictures.  It’s not a lack of motivation.  It’s a lack of time.  And a lack of space.  My computer has run out of room.

I did manage to clear out some of the old photos and move them on to the back-up hard drive.  That should give me room for a few hundred or so of the Colorado pictures.  I hope.

I noticed this morning that the leaves on the maple trees out front are starting to fall and carpet the lawn.  It’s the lack of rain, I think.  We have had very little rain this month.  I am about ready to do a rain dance.  Hopefully we’ll get some rain from the cold front that is supposed to move through tonight or tomorrow.

That’s about it from the Bogs for now.  The tomatoes are almost finished.  I think I’ll make some salsa today, once I’m finished with the canning.  We’ve invited friends to come over on Sunday and will be having fish tacos.  Fresh salsa would be a good thing to have with those.

Faces from the County Fair (Part Two)

(Miss Maddy on an antique tractor.)

My favorite faces at the county fair were those of my granddaughters, Emma and Maddy.  Maddy really liked the tractor she’s sitting on in the above photo.  Her father tried moving her to other tractors but she kept wanting to come back to this one.

Almost all of the pigs were sleeping when we passed through the swine barn.  It made me wonder how much time they usually spend sleeping.

Many of the sheep were already shorn, but there was this one…

Looks like it could use a haircut.

I think one of Emma’s favorites involved the horses being put through their paces by the young girls.  I gather Emma has had a few riding lessons.

(Emma watching the horses.)

(Trotting towards the camera.)

The alpacas cracked me up.  I’d like to learn about raising alpacas.  They seem like interesting animals.

Look Up: Cody’s Ribbons

I took this photo at the Portage County Randolph Fair last summer (August 2009) while looking up at all the ribbons.  You can see a bit of Cody in the background (look to the right and you’ll see his ear).  Cody had quite a collection of ribbons, some hanging above those shown.

Farm equipment

(108:  Driving the tractor.  Portage County Fair.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

We had a lovely visit with our granddaughter and their parents this weekend.  Things were a little up in the air (almost literally) on Friday night.  M had to make a quick trip to Philadelphia on Thursday and Friday.  Storms moved in on Friday afternoon, both here and in Philly, delaying his flight about 3 hours.  Not so bad in the grand scheme of things, but I worried about him arriving here before the next line of storms.  His plane landed just a few minutes before the storms.

We went to the Portage County Randolph Fair yesterday.  It’s become something of a tradition for us.  The Exquisite Emma seems to enjoy it, especially looking at (and in some cases, petting) the animals.  Neither M nor I entered anything this year.  I had given some thought to entering a photo but couldn’t find one that suited me, and there was so much going on this summer that I didn’t really take the time to look.

I think things should settle down for a little while for us.  I want to take a trip east to visit with my parents but I’m not sure when I’ll do that.  Sometime in the next month, I hope.

It’s chilly here in the Bogs.  It’s windy and cloudy, with a distinct, almost sharp, autumnal feel to it.  I almost expect to see the leaves changing color whenever I look out the window.  It feels like endings lately…

County fair fun

(107:  Face painting at the county fair.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)