Glass in the garden

One of the reasons I love visiting the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio, is the Chihuly glass.  For those inquiring minds that want to know, you are allowed to take photographs as long as you are not going to sell the photographs.  I have promised not to sell them, and I make a grand total of absolutely nothing on my blog, so I won’t be profiting from them in any way.

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Look Up: Chihuly Glass

As mentioned in a previous post, one of the things we did with M the Younger last week while in Columbus was visit the Columbus Museum of Art (CMA) to see the Chihuly Illuminated exhibit.  Because the CMA is currently undergoing renovations and what looks like some major construction, the Chihuly glass exhibit is almost the only thing to be seen there right now.  The nice thing about that is we were given a break on the cost of admission and one of us got in free.

I was — as usual with Chihuly glass — dazzled and amazed.  What Dale Chihuly can do with glass is incredible.  The first two photos fit the Look Up theme this month.  The rest do not.

The next photo shows a small sample of Native American blankets.  Chihuly collects Native American blankets and they are the inspiration behind some of his works.

Although I have plenty of photos, I’ll leave you with just one more.  I wouldn’t want to give away the whole exhibit (even if the photos really don’t do it justice).

Hint:  You can click on the photos to see a larger version.