Snow and geese

March 2013 004a

Today’s view of the pond

To what can our life on earth be likened?
To a flock of geese,
alighting on the snow.
Sometimes leaving a trace of their passage.

~ Su shi

The snow is flying on this cold Sunday in March, and I’m just settling back in at home after spending the weekend with my granddaughters and their parents.  It was lovely, and one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend.

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Thursday Travels: It took my breath away

The Cabot Trail

The Cabot Trail (7 June 2012)

Last week we left off on the Cabot Trail, probably not far from MacKenzie Mountain, trying to get to the cabin before dark.  We needn’t have worried.  We were far enough north and close enough to the Summer Solstice that daylight lasted a good long while.

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Cool down

cool air —
is rain coming from
Buddha’s direction?

~ Issa, 1816

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The spring migration has commenced

I see the moon and the moon sees me
Down through the leaves of the old oak tree
Please let the light that shines on me
Shine on the one I love

~ Nursery rhyme

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Sunday smorgasbord

Happy Sunday!

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200: The rest of the story

(Waddling away.)

If you missed part one of this epic saga, you can find it here.

When I left off yesterday, M and I had just finished taking a break at the beach, having accomplished what we set out to do:  hike a 5k (we were participating in Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k).  Our duck companions went back to swimming around in the lake while we made our way across the beach where we encountered one goose bullying another.

Showing off

The goose being bullied and chased away had this going on:

It looks terribly uncomfortable to me, as if the band might be choking him.  I realize neck bands are used for research purposes, but I think they might want to rethink the design of the neck band for the Canada Goose.  I know there are plenty of them and I probably shouldn’t worry too much about them, but I don’t like seeing any creature uncomfortable or in pain.  Whatever happened to leg banding?

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