Under the bald cypress and into the woods

Under the bald cypress

I love the warm, golden tones of the feathery foliage on the bald cypress trees in the fall.  I would have a whole grove of bald cypress trees if I could get them to grow.  M has planted a few, but we haven’t had much luck with them so far.  They should grow here.  They grow well enough up at the Holden Arboretum.

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Lost and found

View from near our hotel early this morning.

Everything is as it was, I discover when I reach my destination, and everything has changed.

~ Michael Frayn

M and I got lost somewhere in Maryland on our way home today.  But you know what they say.  It’s the journey, not the destination.  So we enjoyed the journey.  It was a fine day to get lost.  The sky was the most amazing shade of autumn blue with nary a cloud to be seen (until we neared Ohio where I sometimes think clouds are born).

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(Not) Driving home

In the woods at the back of the pond

M and I were supposed to be on our way home today.

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End of season

Summer officially ended some weeks ago, but there are aspects of summer that are just now beginning to fade.  I think we might still have a few more warm days in store.  Even so, we’re entering a whole new phase of autumn.

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View of the pond from last Thursday

It occurs to me as I prepare these scheduled posts that life and color around the pond are likely to look very different when we return home from our travels.  Wind and rain will probably take the leaves from the trees and use them to carpet the pond and the ground.  Cooler temperatures will change the greens to warmer browns, yellows, and oranges.  We might even miss the first snowflakes of the season.

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Sad news


I’ve been putting off this post, not wanting to mix the POST visit with some sad family news.

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How beautifully leaves grow old.  How full of light and color are their last days. 

~John Burroughs

If all has gone as planned, M and I should be in New Jersey by the time this post goes out.  Hopefully I’ll have time and internet access to do some live and in person blogging tomorrow.

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