Sunday signage

(169:  Caution.  Time change.)

I took this photo at the Ash Cave Gorge trailhead.  What caught my eye was the small sign at the bottom cautioning us about the time change.

Since the sign is probably difficult to read, here is the zoomed-in, cropped version:

I’ve always thought it was a good idea to pay attention to the time and/or the position of the sun while hiking, unless you don’t mind wandering around in the woods after dark.

Anna and Preston at Surface & Surface Photography are taking a look at signs in Kansas.  Head on over and see them for yourself.

It’s been a nice weekend here in the Bogs.  Busy, but nice.  We hit a couple of the farm markets yesterday to find some good deals at the end of the season.  I made a huge pot of vegetable soup yesterday.  Today I’ve been prepping, blanching, bagging, and freezing cauliflower.

The weather has been amazing.  In the 70’s and sunny today!  I’m glad M left a few screens in some of the windows when he put in the storm windows.  I opened up the house as much as possible to let in the fresh, wonderful, warm air.

I was listening to The Splendid Table on the radio yesterday while making the soup (seems appropriate, doesn’t it?).  I have been thinking that I’d like to make more curries and I reckon Lynne Rosetto Kasper, the host of the show, agrees because she featured Raghavan Iyer and his book 660 Curries.  I rushed right to and put it on my wish list.  Since the recipe for Slow-Roasted Bell Pepper with Red Lentils is online, I’m going to jump in and give it a try sometime this week.

On the way to Ash Cave

(166:  Looking up.)

After our train ride on Saturday we went to Hocking Hills State Park where we walked the 1/4 mile Ash Cave Gorge trail.  It’s an easy hike, the trail being wheel chair accessible.  One of the things I enjoyed most were the spots of fall color against the background of the gorge walls and the deep, dark green of the hemlocks that line the gorge.  There were not a lot of leaves and colors left after the winds that came with the rain earlier in the day, but there were still some browns and yellows here and there.

In other news…

The snow came down pretty heavily yesterday morning, but didn’t stick.  The ground is still much too warm for that.  Today is another of those gray and gloomy days, with some rain expected.  Temperatures will be back up into the 50’s tomorrow.  It should be a good weekend to finally finish my Winterize the Garden Project.