220: Maybe…

(Almost.  A Dogwood blossom getting ready to bloom.)

The NaBloPoMo theme for the month of May is Maybe.  I will not be officially participating, as I have enough on my plate already with the outdoor commitment, but I plan to keep it in mind as I take photographs and post to my blog this month.

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219: That first hill was a doozy

(Yesterday’s sunset.)

M and I finally got to take our new bikes out for a spin.  We woke up to clear skies, sunshine, and a mild breeze.  Perfect.  It was a little cool (around 50), but after going up the first hill I was thankful for the cooler temperature.  That hill was quite a doozy, followed by some smaller hills.  I had already anticipated the big hills.  The small hills, not too noticeable when I’m walking, are much more evident when I’m pedaling up them.

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