A walk along the Allegheny River


Thank you to everyone who joined in the group walk.  I haven’t had a chance to join you all on your walks yet, having just arrived home a little while ago.  I think everyone who needed a little extra time has managed to get their walks in so it probably won’t be necessary to extend the deadline.  However, if you want to join in and haven’t had a chance to walk or do your blog post about it yet, let me know.  I plan to do the wrap-up either tomorrow or Wednesday and will wait a bit if you need extra time.

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Sunday signage

On the Sandy Creek Trail. Near Franklin, Pennsylvania.

What an unexpectedly beautiful weekend it has been!  Unexpected because the weather prognosticators had been carrying on about rain and wind for about a week before I set out for Pennsylvania to do some hiking, biking, and leaf peeping.

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