296: A ride to Kent

We're in the summertime flight path for hot air balloons

I’ve been keeping busy since my last post.  Friends who were on their way to Chicago from eastern Pennsylvania arrived early yesterday evening.  M and I took them to Akron where we celebrated happy hour at 69 Taps, listened to a Blues Brothers tribute band (The Alabama Blues Brothers) at Lock 3, and had grilled cheese sandwiches at The Lockview (where they specialize in grilled cheese sandwiches).  After all that fun, we came back to Breezy Acres and sat on the deck for a little while enjoying the night sky, the fireflies, a small glass of J’s homebrewed beer, and the good company.

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279: Karma’s June Photo Hunt

A colorful bird of my choice

First off, my apologies to Karma for being late to the June Photo Hunt.  And my thanks for extending the deadline and giving me a little more time to participate.  Some of the photos will be new.  Some are from the archives.  I had to do a mix of both to come up with almost everything on the list.

One of the pond flamingos in the winter

The colorful bird is a Pink Flamingo from the Akron Zoo.  I have a history with pink flamingos and could have taken some photos of the pink flamingos that stand guard by the pond, but lucked into this zoo visit just in the nick of time.

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89: Hold my place, please

(Lock 3 in Akron on Saturday night)

M and I are still enjoying the company of M the Younger and his wife, Merdi.  We’re heading up to Cleveland to the Rock Hall, maybe the A Christmas Story house, and the West Side Market.

Our youngest son and his wife will be with us until tomorrow night.  Life should slow down a little after that.  For a few days, maybe.

My outdoor time will involve walking around Cleveland.  If I don’t get in the full 30 minutes there, I’ll take a walk around the pond later.  Just wanted to let you know I’m still chugging along with this commitment.

Today’s weather, by the way, is sunny with snow flurries, temperatures in the low 20’s, and breezy (making it feel like it’s about 14 degrees out there).  I’m not sure if it will be warmer or colder up in Cleveland by the lake (the lake being Lake Erie).

(A consultation before the ride down the hill.)