A raptor visitation

Yesterday seemed to be my day to visit with hawks.  While out running errands a red-tailed hawk flew close to me, showing off his gorgeous colors and beautiful feathers.  I did not have the camera with me at the time.  To be honest, even if I had I probably wouldn’t have thought to photograph the hawk because I was stunned by his closeness and beauty.

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254: Have a seat

Inside the Akron Art Museum. Processed in Picnik using the HDR effect.

M and I met M the Younger in Akron on Thursday evening to see the M. C. Escher exhibit at the Akron Art Museum.  I’m not sure what to say/write about it.  His work is incredible.  It would have been nice to have more time looking at some of the prints, but we were not the only folks there that evening.  It was the most crowded I’ve ever seen it, and that meant moving along at a faster pace than I would have liked so others could have their turn.

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Outdoors in Akron (2)

(Nighttime in Akron)

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.  ~ Dorothea Lange

M and I went to Akron yesterday evening to see the exhibit Detroit Disassembled:  Photographs by Andrew Moore at the Akron Art Museum.  The photographs are amazing.  One of the descriptions of the exhibit mentions how Americans go to Europe to see ancient ruins whereas Europeans have been coming to Detroit to look at their modern-day ruins.

The photograph that amazed me the most was of a book depository for the Detroit public school system that had been abandoned.  The top floor was burned in a fire (“Birches Growing in Rotted Books”).  The books and the mess were left to rot.  No clean-up was ever done.  Over the years, birch trees started growing out of the clumps of decomposing books.  Trees growing out of what had once been trees.  Amazing.  One of the themes in the exhibit involves the way nature is reclaiming the city.  Some of the old manufacturing plant ruins have even been classified as nature preserves.  Imagine that.

For a few years M and I have been discussing going to Detroit.  We have friends who live there.  Detroit has a jazz festival that always gets rave reviews.  And we’ve never been.  Seeing Detroit Disassembled clinched it for me.  We have to go.

(Akron Art Museum)

If you’d like to learn more about Andrew Moore or see some of his photography, visit his website.

Since M and I both like to walk, we parked half way between the art museum and the place where we were having dinner (the museum and restaurant being in opposite directions).  It was a nice little walk and we once again got to explore the outdoor portions of the city (which fits in nicely with my outdoor challenge).

(Strolling in Akron)

One of the things that stood out for me last night was how many trees they have planted throughout the area we were in.  I’ve noticed them before, but they seem to demand a little more attention from me yesterday.  Perhaps it’s a result of seeing the photography exhibit and what happens when a city is left to fall apart and go back to nature.

(Akron Public Library:  Outside looking in.)

It was a lovely evening, all in all.  I always enjoy our visits to Akron.

For this morning’s adventure, I stepped outside to watch the moon set and the sun rise.  It’s a beautiful, warm morning with an almost tropical feel to it.  Breezy.  Humid.  But without the palm trees.  We don’t have palm trees in northeastern Ohio (except for the occasional fake plastic palm tree planted in someone’s front yard).

(This morning’s sunrise.)

I’ll be enjoying more of the great outdoors later.  Maybe.  We’re thinking of going to an Akron Zips soccer game this evening.  It depends on the weather.  There is a cold front expected tonight.  With the heat of the day (in the 90’s, they say, today) and the clashing air masses, that may well bring storms.  So, we’ll see.

Real estate

(134:  Shadows on the path.  Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans, LA.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

I’m not sure my photos will be particularly “haunted,” but I thought I’d work towards haunting.  Even that might be a stretch since the cemetery pictures were all taken on a beautiful, sunny day.

That’s what sepia is for, I suppose.  😉

While touring Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, our guide mentioned that the tombs are pretty much like real estate.  They are owned by families, and as a family moved up financially, they were able to buy, or have built, bigger, more elaborate tombs.  I imagine it worked the other way as well.

In other news…

I’m glad I had the chance and the time to enjoy yesterday’s sunshine.  We woke up to heavy rains again this morning and it looks like it will be raining for most of the day.

M and I went to the Akron Art Museum last night to see a couple of exhibits.  M wanted to see Rethinking Art:  Objects and Ideas from the 1960’s and 70’s.  It’s a small but interesting exhibit that ends on October 4th.  We had to pass through Familiar Faces:  Chuck Close in Ohio Collections exhibit and ended up spending more time there than we thought we would.  Some of the things he did to create his portraits and self-portraits were, to me, pretty amazing.

I enjoyed the Helen Levitt exhibition.  Helen Levitt was a photographer who took most of her shots on the streets of New York City, capturing people doing the things that people do (living, working, playing, etc.).  I found some of her images amazing and would love to see more someday.

We followed up our museum visit with a trip to Kent and the Water Street Tavern to check out Cajun Dave’s which recently opened there.  M had the Shrimp Creole and I had the Crawfish Monica.  I first had Crawfish Monica at JazzFest in New Orleans this past April.  It was some yummy stuff.  Cajun Dave’s didn’t disappoint.  Their Crawfish Monica was also yummy.  It’s not a sit-down type of restaurant.  You order at the window and they’ll bring your food to your table or the bar (if you’re sitting at the bar).  The food comes on plastic (disposable) plates with plastic forks.  Both the prices (a bit high) and the plastic remind me of JazzFest.  However, I did enjoy my dinner so I’m not complaining.  In fact, I’d like to go back and try their muffeletta.