I generally avoid politics on my blog. I never intended for it to be a political blog, and I don’t mean to change that any time soon.

But this McCain ad has been bugging me. You may not have seen it yet. This blurb on the Washington Post website indicates it was released in Ohio. Perhaps it isn’t getting television air time around the nation.

Watch the first two seconds. What do you see? What is imprinted on your mind after watching those first two seconds?

Here’s what makes an impression on me: President McCain. Not McCain For President. No. It clearly reads President McCain.

As far as I know the election hasn’t been held yet and McCain has not been elected President (unless Diebold has already determined the outcome of the election). John McCain may well be the president of something, but this ad implies he’s The President, as in President of the United States.

I haven’t been able to find any other commentary regarding this portion of the ad. Perhaps it’s unimportant in the long run. But to me it smacks of false advertising at the least, and almost-subliminal messaging at the worst.

I wouldn’t like it no matter which candidate was being advertised.