(Izzy, looking a little puzzled. October 2008.)

Political/U.S. government stuff

Via David, whose blog I believe is still private and so I can’t link to him here (but want to say thanks!), I was led to The Third Eve’s explanation of the bailout.  Worth taking the time to read.

My opinion stuff

I’ve had enough of the political ads.  Enough.  I’m tired of the mudslinging, the scare tactics, and the angelic looks and music that follow the dark and evil descriptions of the opponent.  Rather than point fingers (isn’t there some saying about how when you point your finger at someone else, the rest of your fingers are pointing back at you?), why not stand up and tell me what YOU plan to do if voted into office?

I wish I could say (and mean it) that I won’t vote for anyone who uses these tactics in their ads.  Unfortunately, that would mean I’d be unable to vote for anyone at all.

I may start taping any television shows I watch just so I can fast-forward through the obnoxious, stinky swamp of political commercials.  Or just stop watching television completely.  It’s pretty much a vast wasteland anyhow.


I generally avoid politics on my blog. I never intended for it to be a political blog, and I don’t mean to change that any time soon.

But this McCain ad has been bugging me. You may not have seen it yet. This blurb on the Washington Post website indicates it was released in Ohio. Perhaps it isn’t getting television air time around the nation.

Watch the first two seconds. What do you see? What is imprinted on your mind after watching those first two seconds?

Here’s what makes an impression on me: President McCain. Not McCain For President. No. It clearly reads President McCain.

As far as I know the election hasn’t been held yet and McCain has not been elected President (unless Diebold has already determined the outcome of the election). John McCain may well be the president of something, but this ad implies he’s The President, as in President of the United States.

I haven’t been able to find any other commentary regarding this portion of the ad. Perhaps it’s unimportant in the long run. But to me it smacks of false advertising at the least, and almost-subliminal messaging at the worst.

I wouldn’t like it no matter which candidate was being advertised.

Kitten update

(Watching television.  Photo by Robin.  September 2007)

Izzy and Bella are big fans of Martha Stewart.  They particularly like watching her show when some of the guests are dogs.  The mixer (Martha was making cupcakes this morning) is a big hit with the kitties too.

I don’t normally watch Martha, but now that I know it’s a big hit with the kitlets I turn it on for them.

Let’s go to the video

Have you seen the new All Bran commercial? It cracks me up. Watch what goes on behind the man doing all the talking as you listen to what he’s talking about.

Funny stuff. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good commercial.

Another bite of the Big Apple

Our driving tour of New York took us to many places, some of which I don’t remember so I’ll probably miss mentioning a neighborhood or two. One of the things we were joking about just before leaving is that we seemed to have taken a television tour, exploring Archie Bunker’s area (All In the Family), the East side where The Jeffersons moved on up, the Village where Friends used to live and meet in some generic Village neighborhood way, the Park Avenue that Eva Garbor longed for in Green Acres, and many others.

Getting around was not all that easy because we kept encountering street fairs where they’d close down the street for a few blocks so the neighborhood could party. And New York City is very congested as far as traffic goes. I admire R’s patience in driving us around like he did.

One of the first areas we drove past was Ground Zero. R offered to let us out so we could look around, but M and I both declined on the grounds that we’d end up crying. Just driving by was enough.

(Ground Zero. Photo by Robin. June 2007)

(Ground Zero. Photo by Robin. June 2007)

There is a building off to the right in that last photo that has scaffolding on it. (You’ll probably have to do a right click “view image” to see it.) They’re still finding bone fragments embedded in the building.

I’m sorry I never got to see the World Trade Center buildings. They must have been one heck of a sight.

(Note: Excuse the poor quality of some of these photos. I had to take them as the car was moving, most of the time through the closed, and tinted, window.)

(Brooklyn Bridge from the city. Photo by Robin. 2007)

We went over the Brooklyn Bridge, to Brooklyn where there is a great view of the City from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade that’s located along the East River.

(Brooklyn Bridge and part of the city skyline from Brooklyn. Photo by Robin. 2007)

(New York City. Photo by Robin. June 2007)

(New York City. Photo by Robin. June 2007)

Brooklyn Heights is a nice little area with shops and cafes. We decided to grab something to drink at one of the cafes. That turned into ordering appetizers to go with our iced teas and lemonades and put an end to the idea of going to Coney Island for their famous hot dogs. I’m sure the hummus and veggies we ate were healthier for us.

(Brooklyn Heights. Photo by Robin. June 2007)

(Brooklyn Heights. Photo by Robin. June 2007)

(Brooklyn Heights. Photo by Robin. June 2007)

I can’t remember exactly where we went from Brooklyn Heights, but we eventually ended up back at R’s neighborhood where he miraculously found a great parking space near his apartment building. After parking the car, we set out on foot to explore a little.

More to come…