What a weekend!

It was fun.  All of it.

The party on Friday night went off without a hitch.  Everyone, as far as I could tell, had a good time.  I worked so hard all week getting ready for the party that it was a relief to be able to sit down in one spot for a little while and do nothing other than talk with people.

Saturday was clean-up day.  Since I did most of the upfront work, M was kind enough to do a lot of the after-party work.  We were both pretty exhausted, having stayed up for a while after everyone left.  We typically do that after we have a party.  It’s a chance for us to kick back, relax, compare notes, and share our separate stories from the same party.

(Budding maple trees in our front yard.)

The weather on Saturday was gorgeous.  It was in the 50’s with a lovely blue sky and plenty of sunshine.  The wind was gusty, but I don’t mind gusty winds if there happens to be sunshine and relatively warm temperatures to go with it.

(Blue skies.)

We did a little hunting Saturday afternoon, trying to find the elusive exactly-right barbecue grill to replace the old, worn, rusted, and tired grill we currently own.  Gas grills seem to come in two sizes:  the extremely small portable or the extremely large more-power variety.  It would be nice to find something in between.  Weber makes a cute little Q100 which would be fine for just M and I.  However, cooking for a party, even a small party, would be difficult unless we started days ahead of time.  On the other end of the spectrum are grills that pack in everything except the kitchen sink (and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if there is one that does include the kitchen sink!).  It would be a very rare occasion when we’d need to grill up 36 hamburgers, 18 hot dogs, and 2 chickens all at once.

(A robin sitting in a tree, chirping.)

After our unsuccessful hunt for a grill, we spent the rest of the day relaxing.  I took a walk around the pond and property, shot a few photos and videos, then settled on the porch with a book and the cats.  I think I nodded off for a little while.  It was nice and warm and cozy out there.

(Saturday’s view of the pond.)

On Sunday we went up to Cleveland for a good chunk of the day.  But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hear about that.  I should probably make myself useful and get a few chores taken care of today.

(Driving into Cleveland.)

Today’s weather report:  Cold.  Gray.  Gloomy.  Snow expected (1-3 inches tonight, 1-2 inches tomorrow).

Today’s view of the pond.  The white stuff you see floating around is snow.  In April.  If April showers bring May flowers, what do April snows bring?  Other than glowers…

This, that, and a few photos from home

(The pond. Photo by Robin. July 2007)

The blog spam was getting pretty dull there for a while. Just lists of drugs and porn sites without even bothering to come up with some creative way to try to force it through the spamulator. The porn spam grows increasingly offensive. It would be nice if there was some way to block it completely. I could stop looking at what ends up in the spam bin, but then I’d miss a few comments from friends that somehow wind up in there. (I think that happens when people post more than one or two comments in a short amount of time.)

Then a few interesting bits showed up. This one:

A good example is the best sermon

Ironic in that it’s linked to websites about Paris Hilton. Or maybe not so ironic after all. Somehow, though, I don’t believe her prison time did much for her in the long run. I could be wrong. Ya never know.

The other makes me giggle for some reason:

leave one’s cheese out of the wind

Because I’m childish that way. Or something.

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