Brick walls redux

If you paid a visit to my other blog today, you may think this is a cross-posting.  It’s not, really.  I’m leading with the same post title and image because I have brick walls on the brain today.

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A visit from spring

Storm in the meadow

It smells like spring here in the Bogs today.  Earthy, wet, and warm.  Most of the snow has melted, some of it making its way downhill and into the pond.  The wind has been wild and powerful, growing stronger throughout the day.

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Learning, one small stone at a time

Feet of ice

If you’ve visited me here in the Bogs lately, you know I decided to participate in a river of stones.  For the past sixteen days I have been dropping my own small stones into the river.  Each one has taught me a little something.  Sometimes it’s a little something I can put into words.  Sometimes it’s a little something that has no words.  One can be shared with you.  The other, well, will either be absorbed without words in which to share it or will wait until those words come to me.

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Old Man Winter returns

Old Man Winter made a blustery return overnight.  We woke up to white-out conditions this morning.  The frenzied wind is blowing snow in all directions, drifting is some areas and little to no accumulation in others.  Lake effect snow will kick in tonight and we never know what that will bring.  It’s usually an all or nothing situation with lake effect.

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— n.
archaic the sky, heavens, or upper air

~ World English Dictionary

I woke up at six o’clock this morning, approximately two hours before dawn here in the Bogs this time of year, walked to the living room and looked out the window at the pond.  The clouds that had been hanging over us for the past few days had finally moved on, leaving a sky glittering and sparkling with hundreds, thousands of stars scattered across the darkness being reflected back at the sky by the pond.  Stars above and below shimmering and twinkling like champagne bubbles.

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