Quick pictureless post

I don’t have much to write about today.  M the Younger and his fiancee are headed back to Colorado.  It was a short, but sweet, visit.  I liked having MTY around the house again.

Barack and Michelle Obama are in Cleveland this afternoon.  Special guest Bruce Springsteen is with them.  We’ve had a couple of invitations to go (as has most of northeastern Ohio, I’m sure), but wanted to spend as much time as possible with MTY.  M the Elder was reminded of this story from The Onion.  Since we both know who we’re voting for, attending the rally would have been purely for the fun and historic nature of it.

The phone calls continue, mostly from the Obama camp these days.  I think the McCain campaign has given up on us.  Or run out of money for robocalls.

That’s about it from the Bogs for today.  See ya’all tomorrow.

Just wondering

Why is it the Republican Party thinks it’s ok to sue the Ohio Democratic secretary of state in an effort to possibly purge some voters from the rolls, but when that same Democratic secretary of state looks into phone calls linked back to the Republican Party, it’s a “partisan witch hunt”?

Oh never mind.  I suppose it all depends on which side of the fence you’re standing.

My phone is ringing off the hook today.  Just about everybody is checking in, from professional athletes to famous actors and actresses.  It’s amazing how popular we are in Ohio.

It’ll be a relief to get past election day and have something else to talk about.


(First snow of the season.)

Well, the first snow of the season was flying around like crazy today.  Lake-effect snow of the large-flaked variety.  The ground isn’t cold enough for it to stick, but it was pretty to watch.

I have four phone calls on the answering machine from the McCain camp.  I’m getting to the point where I just don’t care anymore.  I can’t be bothered to record them, upload them, put them on the blog, etc.  I’m fed up with politics in general and can’t wait until the election is over.

I will say that two of the calls are invitations to a McCain victory rally at a high school up near Cleveland on October 31st.  Seems a little early for a victory rally, but I can understand wanting to stay optimistic.  One is a call in which the issues are presented with McCain’s solutions.  I don’t mind any of those three calls.  The third is another let’s put the fear of Obama in them kind of call.

I suppose one out of four isn’t all bad.


Yet another story about voter registration forms being considered incomplete and/or invalid:  Up to 10,000 Registrations Deemed Incomplete in Colorado.

M the Younger and his fiancee are newly registered voters in the state of Colorado.  I hope this doesn’t affect them.

ACORN response

Something to think about.

Another blip:  Some voters ‘purged’ from voter rolls

Blip, blip

Another interesting story about the voter dispute in Ohio:  Bush Intervenes in Ohio Voter Dispute.

Fear in the house

This robocall came in yesterday:

I think they want us here in Ohio to be afraid, very afraid.

Lest you think it’s just the phone and television, here’s a sampling from my mailbox (the snail mailbox):

The only thing missing from this ad is the white-light (“good guy”) photo of John McCain that’s shown at the end of the television ads.  Note: This ad is from the Ohio Republican  Party.

Still no robocalls or mail from the Obama camp.  I’m impressed, very impressed.  If I were undecided, the difference in tactics might help me decide.