Slowing down, easing up

The beautiful weather we’ve been gifted with here in the Bogs is now giving way to rain.  The rain, so they say, will be with us until Wednesday when it might turn cold enough to become snow showers.  The sun will return on Thursday, but the warm temperatures will leave with the rain.  I’m sorry to have missed out on the beautiful-weather activities I could have been engaged in over the past few days.  A hike in at a nearby state park.  A last bike ride until next spring.  The never-ending garden chores.  That’s life.  Sometimes rest and taking care of oneself is the order of the day.  Or days in this case.

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Time out


I have been thinking about taking a time-out.

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The spirit is willing

Locust tree against the sky

But the flesh?  Not so much.  It all started on Monday…

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Wishing you a day filled with love, gratitude, and happiness.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Feathers in my cap

Thank you

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

~ William Arthur Ward

I have been remiss in the area of gratitude lately.  Over the past several weeks some wonderful fellow bloggers have nominated me for various awards.  Please accept my sincere thanks for the honors you have bestowed upon me, and my apologies for waiting so long (in some cases) to acknowledge the awards.

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Abstractions and contemplations

In the cave of fire

While getting caught up with my fellow bloggers, I came across Belen’s post, Abstract twirls.  It was timely in that I’ve been playing with fire lately, and turning it into abstract photos.  (If you didn’t click on that link and go see Belen’s abstract twirls, go do so now.  They’re beautiful.  We’ll wait for you.  I promise.) Read the rest of this entry »

What I did during my blog break

Ledges Trail in Twinsburg

I had a great weekend.  It wasn’t filled with travel, big adventures, or anything of an exotic nature.  Instead, it was a weekend at home getting caught up with the laundry, the housework, the Big Decluttering Project, and working outside in the garden.

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