Out the window and around the pond


I’ve been taking breaks from the camera.  A day here, two days there, that sort of thing.  It’s been nice.  The breaks leave me with no new photos to sort through, and the time to look over the photos from the past few months that I’ve ignored.  In between the breaks, I’ve shot a few photos from the windows of the house, including the bluebird pictured above.  Isn’t he pretty?  It’s not a great shot, but it was the best I could do given the distance and the glass between me and the bird.  Bluebirds can be quite skittish.  They would fly away if I tried to open the door to take a couple of photos.

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Knitting party

In the beginning

If all goes as planned today, I will be continuing my knitting education.  I scheduled this post just in case I don’t find the time to put one together.  The small piece of the beginnings of a scarf shown above is from Sunday’s knitting lessons.  Today I hope to learn how to switch colors, what to do when your stitches don’t add up correctly (because you dropped one or somehow added one too many), and other exciting world of knitting fine points.

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