(The grass is greener.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

I want to take a long stroll on a sunny, tropical beach.  Or swim and float in a warm sea, drifting in the saltiness.

I want to climb a small mountain (something like Everest would be too much for me) and exalt in the feeling of being close to the sun and the sky.

I want to walk through a redwood forest, feeling small next to giants, inhaling the warm, woody almost lemony scent of the trees.

I want to hike to a waterfall and listen to the sound of the water as it rushes over the rocks.

Or just… go someplace new.  And warm.  Or at least not freezing cold.

It’s February and I’ve got a major case of cabin fever.  I should bundle up, get outside, and take a walk around the pond or the neighborhood or something.

But it’s so cold out there.

See what I mean?  Ice.  Snow.  Cold.

Passing it on

Amuirin posted this yesterday.  I thought I’d take a turn at passing it along.  It’s a good message.  You might want to follow up by reading what Amuirin had to say.  She put it so much better than I ever could.

Four years ago the people of Ohio, then a red state, passed a sweeping version of intolerance.  I don’t know what it is that people are so afraid of when it comes to gay marriage.  Perhaps if the intolerant people who vote for such bans spent more time living their own lives, paying attention to their own relationships, and treating others as they wish to be treated, they’d have less time and inclination for thinking about taking away the basic rights of others.

Then again, if they were that enlightened, they wouldn’t be voting for this kind of thing.

Well said

And All That Could Have Been

Read. Weep.

The photos really got to me.

Acting as if

Today’s post prompted by …in other words….

Quote for , Jan 9

Sometimes people carry to such perfection the mask they have assumed that in due course they actually become the person they seem.

— W. Somerset Maugham, The Moon and Sixpence

As someone trying to heal through making lifestyle changes, and as someone who quit smoking (on my mind because a good friend in on Day 1 of her quit today), this quote reminds me of all the times I’ve had to act as if. Act as if I’m feeling fine. Act as if I enjoy getting up early in the morning to go to the gym. In the case of quitting smoking, act as if all was well and I didn’t need no stinkin’ cigarettes.

In both the diet and addiction industry there’s a saying: Fake it until you make it. Sometimes that’s the only way to get through when you’re tired and feel like you’ve had enough of the quitting or the dieting or the exercising or whatever it is you’re trying to give up or accomplish.

Of course I don’t think that’s what W. Somerset Maugham had in mind. The quote, it seems to me, is more about how many of us put on a public persona, a mask we use to hide who we truly are because for one reason or another, we’re afraid to let people in and get to know us. Over time, we merge with the mask, becoming the persona we created to hide behind.

I suppose, in a way, it’s pretty much the same because to act as if, to fake it until you make it, requires the use of a mask to hide behind until you become the change or the reality you were trying to create.