Journal Prompt: 10 things that make me smile

I picked this up at  List ten things (or more, if you like) that make you smile.

I thought I’d make it a little more interesting by including photos.  In no particular order, and certainly not all inclusive, ten things (or more, if I feel like it) that make me smile:

#1: Walks and hikes in the woods with M.

(On the Buckeye Trail.  October 2008)

#2: My granddaughter.

(Princess Emma watching the sunsetAugust 2008)

#3: The beauty of the pond and property on which M and I live.

(The pond on an early autumn dayOctober 2008)

#4: Evil cats.  (Nah, they’re not evil.  It’s just a bad picture.  The glowing eyes crack me up.  And Izzy and Bella almost always make me smile.)

(Izzy and Bella on the kitty condoOctober 2008)

#5: Moonlight on the water.

(Light of the full moon shining on the sea.  Ocean City, New JerseySeptember 2008)

#6a: Play and goofing around.

(Toys on the beach.  Ocean City, New Jersey. September 2008)

#6b: Miniature golf (which, in my opinion, qualifies as both play and goofing — or is that golfing? — around).

(Margate Miniature Golf at the Bay.  September 2008)

7. Autumn colors.

(On the Buckeye Trail.  October 2008.)

8. Watching the sunrise (especially at the beach!).

(Sunrise.  Ocean City, NJ.  September 2008.)

9. Big, bright, happy sunflower faces.

(Sunflower.  August 2008.)

10. Fireworks!

(Fireworks at Blossom.  August 2008)


What are 10 things that make you smile?

Fear in the house

This robocall came in yesterday:

I think they want us here in Ohio to be afraid, very afraid.

Lest you think it’s just the phone and television, here’s a sampling from my mailbox (the snail mailbox):

The only thing missing from this ad is the white-light (“good guy”) photo of John McCain that’s shown at the end of the television ads.  Note: This ad is from the Ohio Republican  Party.

Still no robocalls or mail from the Obama camp.  I’m impressed, very impressed.  If I were undecided, the difference in tactics might help me decide.

I am an Audrey

(Which is better than an Audrey II, I suppose.)

I nicked this from Alto2 who nicked it from someone else and so on and so forth, as these things go.

And also as these things go, it hits the mark in some respects.  And not, in others.  It’s too bad I don’t have the lovely delicate looks to go with being an Audrey.

Your result for Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone Else? Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz…

You Are an Audrey!


You are an Audrey — “I am at peace”

Audreys are receptive, good-natured, and supportive. They seek union with others and the world around them.

How to Get Along with Me

  • * If you want me to do something, how you ask is important. I especially don’t like expectations or pressure
  • * I like to listen and to be of service, but don’t take advantage of this
  • * Listen until I finish speaking, even though I meander a bit
  • * Give me time to finish things and make decisions. It’s OK to nudge me gently and nonjudgmentally
  • * Ask me questions to help me get clear
  • * Tell me when you like how I look. I’m not averse to flattery
  • * Hug me, show physical affection. It opens me up to my feelings
  • * I like a good discussion but not a confrontation
  • * Let me know you like what I’ve done or said
  • * Laugh with me and share in my enjoyment of life

What I Like About Being an Audrey

  • * being nonjudgmental and accepting
  • * caring for and being concerned about others
  • * being able to relax and have a good time
  • * knowing that most people enjoy my company; I’m easy to be around
  • * my ability to see many different sides of an issue and to be a good mediator and facilitator
  • * my heightened awareness of sensations, aesthetics, and the here and now
  • * being able to go with the flow and feel one with the universe

What’s Hard About Being an Audrey

  • * being judged and misunderstood for being placid and/or indecisive
  • * being critical of myself for lacking initiative and discipline
  • * being too sensitive to criticism; taking every raised eyebrow and twitch of the mouth personally
  • * being confused about what I really want
  • * caring too much about what others will think of me
  • * not being listened to or taken seriously

Audreys as Children Often

  • * feel ignored and that their wants, opinions, and feelings are unimportant
  • * tune out a lot, especially when others argue
  • * are “good” children: deny anger or keep it to themselves

Audreys as Parents

  • * are supportive, kind, and warm
  • * are sometimes overly permissive or nondirective

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Flickr Mosaic

This was too tempting to pass up. I nicked it from Marcia of Are We There Yet?

Here are the rules (so to speak):

a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s Flickr Toys: mosaic maker.

The Questions:

1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food? right now?
3. What high school did you attend?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
6. Favorite drink?
7. Dream vacation?
8. Favorite dessert?
9. What you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?
11. One Word to describe you.
12. Your flickr name.

And here’s my mosaic:

1. Robin (Erithacus rubecula), 2. A bowl of salad, 3. 2007_12_02_VA_and_DC_029.jpg, 4. End of the day, 5. Angelina Jolie, 6. Chill.NeSs, 7. – Middle-Earth? –, 8. My first strawberries of this season…, 9. The Photographers, 10. Family Portrait, 11. The Lazy Days of Summer, 12. Morning sun

I should be doing other things, but it’s a chilly, cloudy day, the kind where it’s hard to get motivated to do much beyond play.

It seems…

 I am a

What Flower
Are You?

I was visiting Bookbabie today and she had a link to this quiz.

The description of the daffodil:

You have a sunny disposition and are normally one of the first to show up for the party. You don’t need too much attention from the host once you get there as you are more than capable of making yourself seen and heard.

I’m not sure about the sunny disposition, and I’m usually late for a party because M is the “fashionably late” type, but yeah, I can take care of myself once I get a feel for the group.

I am unique

Which Comic Strip character are you???

You’re a cartoon character in yourself!!!!! Quirky and funny everybody loves you sooo much for being sooo well let’s just say unique. I hope you keep on being yourself! Always funny and sometimes weird and quirky you are a great friend. Will you be my friend?????
Take this quiz!

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I suppose there’s something to be said for this…

I just haven’t figured out what yet.

Getting to know me

I’ve been tagged by Alto2 to do this Getting to Know You meme. For once I’m not even the tiniest bit annoyed with being tagged because I haven’t had much to write about lately.

1. Spell my name as it sounds: Rob-in (it’s one of those names that is already spelled the way it sounds)

2. Am I a worrier? I can be. Peri-menopausal hormone fluctuations brought out the worrier in me, big time, for a while, but that seems to be settling down a bit now.

3. What’s my favorite CD? This is a tough one because I like a lot of different music. Lately I’ve been enjoying James Morrison‘s Undiscovered. Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, The Bird and the Bee, Bruce Springsteen, John Hiatt, and the Decemberists also come to mind. I’m not limited to those choices. Those are just what come to mind at the moment.

4. Favorite color(s)? Purple, purple, and more purple!

5. Does my home have an attic? Yes, and we plan to go up there soon and start clearing out the accumulation of stuff we’ve managed to collect.

6. Have I ever been to Canada? Yes. I’ve been to Niagara Falls twice (once as a child and once just a few years ago).

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