What I did during my blog break

Ledges Trail in Twinsburg

I had a great weekend.  It wasn’t filled with travel, big adventures, or anything of an exotic nature.  Instead, it was a weekend at home getting caught up with the laundry, the housework, the Big Decluttering Project, and working outside in the garden.

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A body in motion

Colorful stars in the sky

According to Newton’s First Law of Motion, a body in motion will remain in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force.

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Unique smiley

Is it just me or did life all of sudden become busy??  My to-do list is so long that I almost feel paralyzed by it.  Procrastination is tempting, and seems easier than prioritizing.

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The last dragonfly

Green dragonfly

I cannot say for sure that this is the last dragonfly of the season, but I suspect we won’t see too many more of them.  This is the first one I’ve seen in a couple of weeks.  Dragonflies are cold blooded and probably didn’t care much for the gray, cooler weather we had before this wonderful warm-up.

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360: Coasting

Church steeple in Akron, Ohio.

The closer I get to the end of this commitment, the less I am in the mood to work on a blog post.  I feel as though I’ve already put in most of the hard work, and now I just want to coast on in to the finish line.

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313: The one that didn’t get away

Hail the conquering fishermen!

Noah caught a big bass yesterday around sunset.  It was 17 inches long yesterday.  This morning it was 17-1/2 inches.  And this afternoon it was 18 inches.  As with all fish tales, the fish grows with each telling of the tale.  (Actual size was 17 inches.)

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300: Hot and steamy

Hot air balloon landing near the pond. Taken with a steamed up lens.

If you’re looking for an exciting, exotic, erotic, hot blog post, this is not it.  (I do have a dragonfly photo that might qualify, but won’t be posting it today.  I caught ’em in the act, so to speak.)  The title refers to the weather we’re currently experiencing.  It’s only about 90 degrees today.  Tomorrow we’re under an excessive heat advisory.  Personally, I find the heat to be excessive today.  Tomorrow I’ll probably think this was cool in comparison.

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