The March Lion

Yesterday's sunset brought to you by the March Lion in collaboration with Mother Nature.

The March Lion has returned.  The wind howled, moaned, groaned, roared, and growled throughout the night and day.  Rain slashed and almost slammed against the house this morning.  The temperature has been dropping.  The cold is returning for another brief visit.

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The spring migration has commenced

I see the moon and the moon sees me
Down through the leaves of the old oak tree
Please let the light that shines on me
Shine on the one I love

~ Nursery rhyme

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Moon of Ice

thin wall —
with the moonlight comes
the cold

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A moonlit interlude

Up at six o’clock this morning, I unrolled my yoga mat in the moonlight that was pouring through the living room windows.  It is day 107  of my year-long yoga challenge.

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354: Getting in touch with my inner early riser

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.

~ Rumi

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178: Vernal equinox

Here we are, another new season beginning.  Technically it isn’t spring yet here.  Not for a few more hours.  But it’s close enough.  Happy Spring!

I had fun shooting the moon last night.  Most of my shots (including the one I opened this post with) are overexposed.  As I noted at Karma’s blog this morning, the moon baffles me.  Sometimes two shots in a row, with the camera on the same settings, come out completely different.  I’ve learned to take what I can get.

Full moon rising, in sepia.

And then I take what I got and play with it in Photoshop.

I didn’t do much.  Just tweaked the sharpness a little and then converted them to sepia tones.  Or close to sepia.  I decided to make the tone a little more on the brown side.  It looked better to me for reasons I can’t explain.

Goodyear Blimp

I promised you some photos of the Goodyear blimp doing the touch-and-go’s.  I would like to have done this in a slide show here at WordPress, but you can’t have individual photos in the same post as a slide show.  They all end up in the slide show.  I hope that’s something WordPress will deal with in the future.

Up in the air

Watching them do take offs and landings is fun and interesting.  M and I went out to the air dock a few years ago with a friend and her young son.  If you like, you can see the photos from that excursion here.  (To be honest, those photos, taken with my old camera, are much better than what I took yesterday.  It was not the camera.  We were closer to where the blimp was landing and taking off.)

Coming in for a landing

It was a little breezy yesterday.  I noticed as the blimp was coming in that it shimmied quite a bit.

Getting closer to the ground

Sometimes I think it might be fun to take a ride in the blimp.  Other times, my fear of flying reasserts itself and I come back to reality.

As you see in the above photo, they have quite a few people on the ground to help bring the blimp down.

I wonder how difficult it is to grab the lines.  I know it takes a lot of people, working together, to bring the blimp in.

And after putting in all that effort, the blimp takes off again in a seemingly effortless way.

Going up!

Once again up in the air

Today’s Outdoor Adventures

This will be short and sweet.  I went back to my spring cleaning project today.  My outdoor time has involved taking rugs out to shake them or thump them, hanging bedding and other laundry on the line, and generally working to air out the stale energy of winter and let in the fresh, new energy of spring.  I even opened a few windows for a little while although the high is only about 55 today.

As the day goes on, I hope to get out for a little relaxation time, at least by sunset.  It’s been a pretty day here in the Bogs so far and it would be nice to just sit and enjoy it for a few minutes or go for a short hike.  It’s sunny, clear, and breezy.  This is perfect hiking weather, something I’d rather be doing.  But once the spring cleaning is finished, I’ll be glad I gave up a day or two of hiking to do it.  It feels good to air everything out, toss out (recycle, donate, etc.) the old, and make room for the new.

Look Up: Clouds Over Akron

M and I went to Akron yesterday evening to meet up with a friend.  On our walk from the car to the bar I spotted some rather cool looking clouds.  I would have expected the clouds to produce a storm but they didn’t.  Too bad.  We could use the rain.

Bonus photo:  The full moon.  I took this on our way home last night.  It’s not too bad when you consider I didn’t have a tripod with me and I was shooting through the car window.  I did not Photoshop this photo.  The moon really was that color.

In other news…

Project Patio continues.  M and I went shopping for stones on Thursday.  We found some beautiful Vermont slate that is cut in 12″x12″ squares.  He’ll be using that as wall caps on the brick wall he’s building around the patio.

M has just about finished digging the trench for the wall foundation and we’ll probably be mixing and pouring concrete tomorrow.

Bella (above) and Izzy (below) have already been enjoying the flagstone that will eventually be moved from a tall pile to become the patio.  It’s a nice perch for them as well as a good place to roll around and shed some fur.

(Izzy, looking up.)

I did some work in the garden this morning and found that I have a new resident:

Garden notes: Spent a few hours out in the garden today, weeding and shoveling mulch.  Put down an “anti-weed carpet” (basically sheets of black plastic) between the rows of asparagus in hopes that will keep down the weeds.  I don’t want to use herbacides (going organic out there) so I need another solution for the weed problem.

The asparagus is growing so fast now that we can almost harvest twice a day.  We’re not yet sick of eating it.  It’s yummy and much sweeter than the grocery store stuff.

The spinach is so overrun by weeds (mostly grass — it looks like I planted a lawn out there!) that I may let it go.  Other than the sweat-equity investment, all I’ll lose is a dollar and a few cents.  The lettuces are tall/big enough that I should be able to get in there and weed without harming them.

I planted Greek oregano (in a pot) and pineapple mint (near the barn where it can spread as much as it likes).  M bought a variety of tomato plants as well as some petunias.  We’ll get those planted tomorrow or Monday.

We need rain.  It might be time to start doing a rain dance.