Painting on a Sunday

Every now and then the old homestead needs a good painting.  This year happens to be “now and then.”

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Blue Monday

Feather in blue

A long time ago, back near the beginning of my official (under my own name and not a pseudonym) blogging days, I wrote a post about Blue Monday.  We were temporarily living in Sabbaticalville (West Chester, Pennsylvania) at the time, and apparently I was obsessed with posting about laundry.  That obsession, thankfully mild, has continued throughout the years, but this is not a post about laundry.

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What I did during my blog break

Ledges Trail in Twinsburg

I had a great weekend.  It wasn’t filled with travel, big adventures, or anything of an exotic nature.  Instead, it was a weekend at home getting caught up with the laundry, the housework, the Big Decluttering Project, and working outside in the garden.

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Laundry musings

Not the neighbor's laundry. (Photo taken in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, on October 22, 2011.)

Recently the neighbor’s laundry has caught my eye.  Not in a “I want to photograph it” way.  But in other ways.  Responsible ways.  Mundane, domestic ways.

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Knitting party

In the beginning

If all goes as planned today, I will be continuing my knitting education.  I scheduled this post just in case I don’t find the time to put one together.  The small piece of the beginnings of a scarf shown above is from Sunday’s knitting lessons.  Today I hope to learn how to switch colors, what to do when your stitches don’t add up correctly (because you dropped one or somehow added one too many), and other exciting world of knitting fine points.

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Slowly evolving autumn

Reflections and leaves on the pond

This is such a beautiful time of year by the pond here at Breezy Acres.  Even dark, chilly, gray days like today can’t dampen the colors of autumn.

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343: Five A Day


I woke up this morning feeling bleh.  It has not been a good week health-wise.  I had some tummy troubles for about 24 hours earlier in the week, and now I seem to be catching the cold that is going around these parts.


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