Sun bathing

Sun bathing

We’re in charge of our photo adventures.  Adventure means taking a different path.  It can mean getting down on the ground for a really low angle shot, or photographing not the entire flower but a backlit petal.

~ Eddie Soloway

Today’s Capture Your 365 Challenge is Backlit.  I had a little struggle with this one as it’s not something I do very often.  That was one of the reasons I decided to take on some of the prompts.  For the challenge (and the fun of the challenge).

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Made of snow

January 2013 007a

I used to have fiery intensity,
and a flowing sweetness.

The waters were illusion.
The flames, made of snow.

Was I dreaming then?
Am I awake now?

~ Rumi

January 2013 007a-001

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Sunset in the patio garden

Bella at sunset

Each moment of the year has its own beauty, a picture which was never before and shall never be seen again.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Last day of summer

On the Towpath Trail yesterday

Just a quick post to mark the end of summer, and to say hello.  I’m having fun with our visiting family person.  We’ve been biking and hiking, talking and laughing, and generally having a great time, enjoying each other’s company.  I’ll be back with something more substantial on Sunday.  I will be ending my yoga challenge tomorrow and starting my meditation challenge on Sunday.

I hope you’ve had the time and opportunity to get out and enjoy this last day of summer.  We had a surprisingly nice day.  Surprising because they had been predicting rain.  The rain did arrive a little while ago, but we got to spend most of the day outdoors before that happened and there was plenty of sunshine to go around.

Catch up with you soon!

Bella watching the sunset yesterday

Somewhere out there

Izzy, standing in the wheelbarrow, scanning the horizon.

About the time this scheduled post makes its appearance, M and I should be on our way to the Province of New Brunswick, said to be the Gateway to Atlantic Canada.  We have about a seven hour drive from Portland, Maine to the place where we’re staying in New Brunswick.  We’ll be the tired and confused looking people arriving later than we’d like, but you take what you can get when it comes to affordable flights.

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Stormy weather

Sunset on the deck yesterday

March has decided to come in like a lion this year.  Shortly after I posted yesterday I stepped outside to find summer-like warmth and humidity had taken over.  The birds were chattering.  Insects were buzzing.  Clouds skimmed briskly across the skyscape.  A tornado watch was issued.  It was the clash of the seasons.  Spring had bullied its way in and Winter was trying to make a comeback.

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Day 139 Musings

Sunset waves on the pond

When we focus on what we can get out of yoga, we miss the point.  We also place ourselves in physical danger while sabotaging our relationship to our practice.  To realize the beauty of yoga in our lives, we must never forget that the prize is in the process.

~ Rolf Gates & Katrina Kenison, Meditations From the Mat

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