Snow and geese

March 2013 004a

Today’s view of the pond

To what can our life on earth be likened?
To a flock of geese,
alighting on the snow.
Sometimes leaving a trace of their passage.

~ Su shi

The snow is flying on this cold Sunday in March, and I’m just settling back in at home after spending the weekend with my granddaughters and their parents.  It was lovely, and one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend.

March 2013 008abjpg

Stars on stage

Yesterday I watched as one of my beautiful granddaughters performed in a dance competition.   I sat with the other beautiful granddaughter — the youngest — while we waited for her sister to perform.  We colored, we cut, we pasted, and we made butterflies dance and flutter through the air as girls danced and fluttered on the stage.

March 2013 031ab

Dance, dance, dance

South of here, where the girls and their parents live, they had the most beautiful snowfall.  I think they may have gotten more snow down there than we had up here, but we’ll probably make up for it with lake-effect snow tonight.

Busy hands

Busy hands

That’s it from the Bogs for today.  After two days of not checking blogs or email, I am even farther behind than ever.  Hopefully, I’ll get caught up soon.  Thank you so much for visiting.  I hope your weekend was filled with magic and, if you were very lucky, a few butterflies of your own.  🙂


30 Comments on “Snow and geese”

  1. mobius faith says:

    snow and geese go together like bread and butter.

  2. Phil Lanoue says:

    Wonderful and artistic image of the geese in the snow.

  3. ♡eM says:

    I’ve caught a bugger of a cold virus — so thanks for these beautiful images. I’m always appreciative of your photos and words, yet today, as I linger listlessly about the house, I am even more so.

    • Robin says:

      I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, eM. I hope that virus goes away soon. In the meantime, get plenty of rest and take care of yourself.

  4. very nice!! Love the movement you captured.

  5. Amy says:

    Beautiful view of the pond. Love the stars on stage!

  6. cecilia says:

    gorgeous, bright, beautiful images.. you are a very talented woman.. c

  7. The best way to spend a weekend! The colors of your life are every where. I love the dance pictures!

  8. bearyweather says:

    Looks like a very colorful weekend.
    Love the “snow” geese picture ….

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Bearyweather. 🙂 I almost labeled it “snow geese,” but they’re not. I saw snow geese for the first time recently. Didn’t have a chance to get any photos, though.

  9. Adela says:

    It’s okay to stay away from all that “checking” to just “be” for a couple of days. I do that every weekend. Pretty sure no one notices but me. Love you photos.

    We are in for another storm tonight. I am tired of shoveling.

  10. “Stars on stage” is so enchanting! I cannot think of a better way to spend a weekend than to be visiting grandchildren. I still remember how thrilled I was whenever my grandparents traveled to come see me in various childhood stage performances…

  11. dadirri7 says:

    fun and beauty, inspiring thanks robin 🙂

  12. What a fun weekend.
    Nice (chilly) picture of geese – most appropriate quote

  13. becky6259 says:

    Very creative pictures of the dancing girls — beautiful!

  14. I found some Snow Geese of my own this past weekend. Ah, I remember going to see my daughter dance in her recitals. Such an exciting time for your granddaughter.

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