More than one

More than one

More than one

Avoid making a commotion, just as you wouldn’t stir up the water before fishing.  Don’t use a flash out of respect for the natural lighting, even when there isn’t any.

~ Henri Cartier-Bresson

Today’s Capture Your 365 prompt is “More than one.”  The email that arrived in my inbox this morning describing the prompt mentions light, and how you should walk around your home at different times of the day, noticing how the light changes.  There is not much natural light to be had today, and not much change in it from window to window to window.  The best spot to find light today is in the basement as it comes in through the windows.  The contrast between the darkness of the basement corners and the light coming in the windows made the light just enough.

The color version

The color version

The “more than one” (besides there being more than one photo for this prompt) are some of the cymbals from M the Younger’s drum kit which still resides in our basement even though it has been many (more than one) years since he moved out.  M the Elder plays drums (percussion) as well so he doesn’t mind that the drums, cymbals, cowbell, and other noisy instruments, are still here.  Don’t tell anyone but… sometimes when I’m home alone, I bang on the drums, too.  Just for fun.

I bet you think this is one, but it's really more than one.

I bet you think this is one, but it’s really more than one.

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen yesterday, getting ready to follow a detox/cleanse diet.  I’ve read a couple of books this year about detox, elimination, and cleanse diets, but it turned out to be one found online (for free!) that appealed to me the most.  Kathy over at Lake Superior Spirit mentioned the 2013 Whole Living Action Plan a few weeks back, and followed that with a post Gushing about Detox Week One.  I had a look at the recipes and found them vastly superior to the recipes in the books I read.

A lot more than one

A lot more than one

The veggies you see in the pot are the reason the broth you saw in the jar equals more than one.  So many different types of vegetables (and fruit) went into my stock pot yesterday that I lost count.  I keep a container in the freezer for the bits and pieces of vegetables that some people throw away.  Ribs from kale and Swiss chard.  Onion skins (not the very outer skin because I do throw that away) and onion bottoms.  Cilantro and parsley stems.  When the bag is full, I make a huge pot of veggie stock.

The detox plan has a recipe for a “Cleansing broth,” but I decided to go out on my own.  I added some of the ingredients listed in the “Cleansing broth” to go with the bagful of stock ingredients I already had in the freezer.  I ended up with a little more than 8 quarts of delicious vegetable stock, ready to be used in the detox plan recipes.

Swirls and reflections

Swirls and reflections

It was raining here in the Bogs when I woke up this morning.  The water on top of the surface ice on the pond made for some interesting patterns and reflections.  Eventually the rain changed over to snow as the temperature dropped.  It doesn’t look like we’ll get too much snow.  Most of it will melt tomorrow with the next thaw.

Lost in thought

Lost in thought

That’s it from the Bogs for today.  Thank you for visiting.  I’m feeling a little scattered today; hence, the jumping around from one thing to another in this post.  It’s a reflection of my life.  I have so many projects going on right now that I am frequently moving from one thing to another.  I am happy to say that I did finish up two of my projects this morning so things should settle down a little.

When rain and ice meet

When rain and ice meet

Be good, be kind, be loving, just Be.  And have a great weekend while you’re at it!  🙂


20 Comments on “More than one”

  1. I won’t tell your secret!

  2. Beautiful images, Robin, I love the moire effect on the water/ice.

  3. ♡eM says:

    I’m on a cleanse right now too, and had a delicious vegetable medley soup this evening. I’m feeling fantastic!

  4. dawnkinster says:

    You and Kathy…you are almost enticing me to try this detox thing. Love the cymbals…

  5. Karma says:

    Some of the recipes (like what Kathy mentioned having for breakfast the other day) in this detox diet sound a bit too exotic to me to be enticed. I do admit to craving more fruit n veggies, especially this time of year when the choices of good fresh ones are few. I think your idea of keeping the odds and ends of veggies in the freezer for stock is a great one that I am going to try to remember. I always think there must be something better that I could do with all those odds n ends than shove them down the garbage disposal.

    • Robin says:

      You can do that with meat, too, Karma, to make chicken and beef stock. Save the bits and pieces that you might not otherwise eat, including the bones. 🙂

  6. Stacie says:

    I love it that you bang on the drums when you are home alone! I would totally do the same thing! 🙂

  7. Joanne says:

    The other night I made healthy lemon chicken, using just herbs, lemon slices and lemon juice. So what did the boys in the house do? Complain! I would LOVE to eat totally different food to the boys but right now I simply don’t have the time to cook myself a separate meal, which is what I will have to do in order to eat what I like and not always what they like! You are so lucky to have a husband who is on the same wave-lenghth as you. Your tip about the left over veges for stock is a good idea. I’ll remember that one. 🙂

    • Robin says:

      I know what you mean, Joanne. Sometimes M doesn’t want to eat what I want to eat, and then I either have to make two meals or give up on what I want. I often wonder why I give up what I want rather than make him cook his own meal, at least once in a while.

  8. Sallyann says:

    Next time you’re on the drums, give the big cymbal a huge bang for me too ! 😀

  9. I love the patterns on the ice made by the rain. I hope you have fun banging on those drums in your solitude. 🙂

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