Fire and rain

A rainy sunset

A rainy sunset

Yesterday’s sunset was incredible.  The beauty was not in the sky as much as it was in the meadows and the trees, golden raindrops shimmering from branches and leaves, and dried grasses and flowers.

Sunlight shimmer

Sunlight shimmer

We all know what happens when the sun comes out as the rain pours down.

A rainbow!

A rainbow!

I do wish I could capture these better.  I must be missing something.  I just had a quick look via a Google search.  A polarizing filter, so it is written, would be helpful.

Raindrops on fire

Raindrops on fire

Today is gray and blustery and rainy.  We had some fairly strong storms move through this morning.  Fast and strong.  I think if you had blinked, you might have missed them.  Today’s warmth will be blown east with the wind, and tomorrow we’ll be back in the 20’s for highs again.  Cold, it seems to me, is much easier to get used to when it sticks around for a while.  When it blows warm and cold as it has been, the cold can feel brutal.  I’ve heard that we should get used to it because this is likely the new normal.

January 2013 064a

It’s bowling night.  I am, as usual, looking forward to it.  I can’t believe how much fun I’ve been having in spite of the lack of any real improvement.  I don’t think I’ll ever get beyond the Lousy Bowler’s League, but I don’t care.  It’s entertaining and just plain fun.  M and I pay extra each week towards bowling balls that we’ll get at the end of the season, but are giving some thought to buying the balls soon so we can use them sooner rather than later.

January 2013 064a

The bowling alley has a pretty good racket going with the Lousy Bowler’s League.  At the very least, most people end up buying their own shoes since it will end up costing more to rent shoes each week.  When we finish the season, we’ll all have bowling shoes and some of us will have our own bowling balls, and that translates into more business for the bowling alley because, of course, we’ll go back and play just to use our shoes and bowling balls.

January 2013 065a

That seems to be it from the Bogs for today.  Truthfully, I’m struggling with writing blog posts lately.  I know why that is, but I can’t explain it very well.  Perhaps tomorrow will be better, and the words will flow.

Today's view of the pond through the raindrops gathered on the living room window

Today’s view of the pond through the raindrops gathered on the living room window

Thank you for stopping by.  Wishing you a delightful day, evening, night… whenever and wherever you are on the spectrum of time.  🙂


36 Comments on “Fire and rain”

  1. Jaz says:

    AMAZING photos!

  2. Jaz says:

    I have something for you

  3. Beautiful light and colors…just lovely. And yes… “I know why that is but can’t explain very well”….oh, I’m familiar with that too… do you suppose you could go through old or current photos and use the “feeling” or “sense/mood” of the photos to express? just a thought…that’s how I do it, with images etc…especially when there aren’t words accessible. Or maybe take a photo that seems to really resonate with you and explain the parts that resonate, maybe using “symbols” too… and what they “say” to you? Have the photo find the words and do the “speaking” through it’s elements. just an idea…. (this might sound a bit unusual, but it sure helps when I don’t have words, which tends to be “often” )

    • Robin says:

      Thank you so much, Kathy, especially for the good advice. I do know what you mean about speaking through images. I think most of my blog posts end up written that way. 🙂

  4. The glow from a beautiful sunset is so fleeting. Thanks for sharing those special moments, Robin!

  5. Anna Surface says:

    Love your photos! Such a beautiful golden glow. We have had spring like warm weather and then cold blowing snow. Weird weather.

    I haven’t been bowling in ages. Sometimes words escape and it is just a time to ponder and flow with whatever comes. It is always a pleasure to come in here to view and reads your lovely posts, Robin.

  6. Better? I quite enjoyed your post and pictures. 🙂

  7. Phil Lanoue says:

    Absolutely outstanding Robin! Love the raindrops on fire!

  8. Joanne says:

    What an unusual sunset it was Robin, so beautiful, as sunsets are, but with rain! I really love the photo “Sunlight Shimmer”. These photos are so warm and glowing, you wouldn’t think it was winter in the Bogs! 🙂

    I used to bowl in a league, back in my teenaged days. It was great fun, although I wasn’t that brilliant. I think my average only reached about 130.

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Joanne. 🙂
      I started out on this league with scores in the 70’s. I’m breaking 100 most of the time now so at least there is improvement. 😀

  9. Such a contrast between the header and first photo. Gorgeous work. (rainbows are a challenge – I saw on very early through the fog the other morning – so weird, but beautiful – there for just a few minutes.
    Lousy bowling league – it sounds like real fun.

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, PhilosopherMouse. 🙂
      Lousy Bowling is real fun. None of us are particularly competitive and that makes it so much easier for me (because I am as non-competitive as they come). We’re all there for the fun of it.

  10. Who needs words with photographs like that? I feel like I’m entering a magical realm when I look at your pictures! Truly a work of art!

  11. David Hall says:

    Wonderful light and colour.

  12. Don’t worry about the words…let the photos do the talking, if you have some to share.
    These spoke volumes… 🙂

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Marie. 🙂 I always have some to share since I’m out every day taking photos. Not sure I’ll get out there today, though. It’s brutal. The wind, the cold, the snow… brrrr!

  13. Love this Robin, you always find so much beauty in your world, whatever the weather. You are an inspiration to me.

  14. Sallyann says:

    Beautiful colours. 🙂 The rain always seems to make the colours brighter. 🙂

  15. Ellen says:

    well, early in the morning over here, scorching hot right now so all I wish right now is a fresh shower. not working today which is good, time to read my favorite blogs!!! hope you had a fun night !!!

  16. Kathy says:

    We learn something new about our blogging friends everyday. I had no idea you and M bowled, Robin. The last time I bowled was…way too many years ago. Took a bowling class in college. Wasn’t very good. Thinking about how sometimes it’s so easy to blog, and other times it feels like the words are somehow off. You did a good job, even though you felt things didn’t flow easily.

    • Robin says:

      Well, we didn’t bowl very often, Kathy, but always had fun on the occasions we did so we decided to join the Lousy Bowler’s League. I’m still not very good at it (and probably never will be), yet I still have fun. 🙂

  17. QuoinMonkey says:

    Raindrops On Fire. Captures my mood today. Beautiful photograph.

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