Rain and slush

I don't think we'll be seeing this today.

Sun in the clouds.

I’m writing this during the early morning hours.  It’s just starting to lighten up outside.  Before I could see what was going on outdoors, the local weather folks on television informed me that the icy rain part of the weather front moving through had flown east of us and the precipitation had turned to plain old rain.  Fog is rising from the snow cover.  It’s going to be a slushy day.

Tree and sunbeams, reaching towards each other.

Tree and sunbeams, reaching towards each other.

The repairman never showed up on Friday.  We received a robo-call on Thursday confirming the appointment, as well as a confirmation email.  The dishwasher is a Sears Kenmore, a brand we bought because Sears had a reputation for good service.  Up until Friday, that had always been our experience with them.  M called them on Friday evening after their no-show.  The call center must be outsourced to another country.  After much waiting on hold, and the representative fumbling with excuses,  M was finally told that they had overbooked the repairman.

Saturday's view of snow and sun and clouds and pond and trees.

Saturday’s view of snow and sun and clouds and pond and trees.

Well.  Someone could have made a courtesy call so that someone else wouldn’t have had to wait around for four hours.  The person from Sears didn’t see it that way.  No apologies were forthcoming.  We got the phone call equivalent of a shrug.

Beautiful snowfall on Saturday.

Beautiful snowfall on Saturday.

Today I am waiting for a local company guy to come by and fix the dishwasher.  Since the representative from Sears didn’t offer even a hint of an apology, we won’t be calling them again.  It’s better this way.  M and I prefer to use local companies when we can.  It was silly of us to call Sears in the first place since there are no warranties involved.

Sparkles and shadows on snow.

Sparkles and shadows on snow.

As a general rule, a reputation is built on manner as much as on achievement.

~ Joseph Conrad

A snowball caught in the reeds

A snowball caught in the reeds

While I’m waiting for the local guy, I’ll share some of my weekend with you.  We had a lovely snowfall on Saturday.  The snow clouds moved in and out, the sun sometimes appearing at the same time as the snow.  It was one of those quiet snows, the kind where the snowflakes gently drift straight down from the sky to the ground.  Although heavy at times, there was a peacefulness to it.  It would have been a great day to go cross-country skiing.

January 2013 022a

I didn’t get a chance to go skiing, but I did hike around the pond and into the woods, enjoying the serenity of Saturday’s snow.  It was a little like being in a snow globe.  Only better.  Nobody was shaking the world around.

January 2013 024a

Yesterday was beautiful in a different way.  The sun made an appearance and hung around for most of the day, sparkling on the snow cover.  M and I went north where they had more snow and finally got in a good session of cross-country skiing at Chapin Forest Reservation.  We stayed away from the ski lodge and the crowds, opting for the quiet woods where we saw very few other people.  It was lovely.

January 2013 025a

I took my new camera along and came home with some images from our time in the forest, but haven’t had a chance to upload them yet.  I’ve been busy with my clearing-out project.

The creek in the woods on Saturday

The creek in the woods on Saturday

I have bags and boxes loaded with books and DVD’s ready to go to the library.  I’ve been pondering our collection of video tapes.  Do you think anyone would want them?  We still have a functioning VCR.  I’m sure there must be others out there who do too.

January 2013 037a

This morning I started cleaning out dresser drawers.  It’s amazing how much stuff accumulates over the years.  I’ve found clothing I haven’t seen in years either because it doesn’t fit or I don’t like it.  It’s time to let go.

Saturday's gentle snowfall

Saturday’s gentle snowfall

The old and the worn will be thrown away or turned into rags (although it should be noted that I really don’t need anymore rags).  The good stuff will be donated, and hopefully put to good use by someone else.

A new visitor to the feeder.

A new visitor to the feeder.

I think that’s about it from the Bogs for today.  Thank you for dropping by.  I hope you had a good weekend, filled with fun, play, rest, or whatever you needed to rejuvenate and get ready for a new week.

January 2013 052a

Wishing you a delightful day, night, evening… whenever and wherever you are on the spectrum of time.  🙂

January 2013 054a


32 Comments on “Rain and slush”

  1. Subhan Zein says:

    Loved the bird! 🙂

  2. mobius faith says:

    I think the shot of the clothespins is my favorite. It is at turns whimsical, intimate and sensitive. Really nice work.

  3. dadirri7 says:

    and i loved the snowball caught in the reeds … but the birds are just gorgeous … snowflakes and all 🙂

  4. Amy says:

    Love the birds! The snowflakes are so beautiful!

  5. Coming East says:

    Your pictures collectively gave such a nice feel to winter. I love cold, grey winter days when you don’t have to go anywhere. Maybe just take a walk and come home to a hot cup of Earl Grey. Glad you were able to enjoy your snow.

  6. dearrosie says:

    Great photos – I also love the photos of the bird at the feeder and on your header.
    I’ve also did a big clean-out of my closets and our bookshelves. It feels good to clear the old energy out.

  7. love the bird feeder shots, nice!! and damn it looks cold. Been 70s-80s here although we’ll pay for it tomorrow with the big front coming through.

  8. Every photograph here was just stunning.. it would make such a beautiful seasonal calendar, just gorgeous! I hope you got everything up and running! xx

  9. I love the birds and the snowy pictures. I would really love taking a walk in the snowy woods right now! 🙂

  10. I SO enjoy your photography! Thanks for sharing!

  11. The titmouse is so cute! His cousins are hanging out at my house…
    On the Raggedy Old Clothes subject – natural fibers can go in the compost pile. Let the grandkids rip them up 🙂

  12. Jo Ann says:

    We pretty have to deal locally with repairmen because we are so off the beaten track, but as you say it’s better to support the local economy. We are inundated with titmice and that’s fine because they are such congenial birds.

  13. When fog is rising from the snow cover my scientifically-minded sister calls it sublimation. Hope your dishwasher is back in business soon! Cross-country skiing sounds like lots of fun. I love the little bird visitor – he has a splotch of orange that picks up on the color of the wood, and bits of black brought out by the color of the feeder bracket. Very nice!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Dear Robin,
    My name is Susan with Sears Social Media Support Escalations Team. We are a single point of contact for escalated issues which means that we handle issues start to finish with one dedicated case manager. Please accept our sincere apologies for the technician not showing up to repair your dishwasher. I can imagine your frustration and inconvenience with waiting around for 4 hours only to find out that your dishwasher appointment had been overbooked and the technician would not be arriving. We would like to look into this situation further and offer the assistance of a dedicated case manager to help resolve this issue. Even though you have booked this repair with another local company, we would like to speak with you about this experience and see how we can be of assistance.
    At your convenience please contact our office via email at SMAdvisor@searshc.com and a dedicated case manager will contact you directly. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the dishwasher was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide your screen name (Robin-Rain and Slush) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.
    Thank you,
    Susan R.
    Social Media Moderator
    Sears Social Media Support

  15. Love that you world was like a snow globe. What a great image.

  16. Joanne says:

    Like Bo, I now have an image of standing in a snow globe. I need suggestions such as this to help me to imagine what it feels like when you are actually in the snow. My memories of snow are so long ago, back to when I was a child, and are a bit fuzzy these days (where the feeling of being in snow is concerned, at least!) 🙂

    I’m waiting in today for a cable TV man to add a connection into my sons bedroom. I hope he turns up!

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